Green Tree Sunday school students sign illustrated books at Bluebird

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Green Tree Christian Fellowship Sunday school students were at the Bluebird Coffee Company in downtown Andalusia for an illustrated book signing Saturday, Oct. 1.

“God Had To Send The Dogs” Front Cover

“God Had To Send The Dogs” is the fourth edition of an animal book series written by Sunday school teacher Debbie Ham and illustrated by the children of Green Tree.

“Because of God, He wanted this book to be written, so the children would have an understanding they’re old enough to minister to others and get the word out about God. We’re currently learning that Josiah wasn’t but eight years old when he became king. These books reference Luke 16. If you do right like the beggar, you’ll go to the good place. If you do bad like the rich man, you’ll go to the bad place,” Ham said.

Her aunt Ann Biggs assisted with the book’s content, which is based on four dogs: Johnnie Cash, June Carter, Pickles, and Prissie. The lesson to Ham’s students was that humans could learn compassion from animals. “All I can say is this world needs to have more compassion for others. Rapture is coming, and we need to win people to Christ and Heaven by loving them like Jesus. What would Jesus do?”

“God Had To Send The Dogs” Back Cover

Having the opportunity to teach Sunday school children is a blessing for her.

“We’re planting seeds and allowing God to water them knowing these children will one day be teachers, preachers, or whatever God leads them to be. I just want them to understand because the rapture is getting close, and you’re never too young to minister. They know they can tell others about going to either the bad place or the good place,” she said.

“I love this place because of how good the coffee is. I like to tell people about God, so they know who He is and what He can do for you,” 11-year-old Liam Cochran said. “When I am at school taking a test, God is there to support me and help me get through it,” 10-year-old Maddy Biddle said.

“I’m glad to be here because it’s about Jesus. You can’t go through life without Him,” 10-year-old Jaylin Luis said. “I want to be famous,” 8-year-old Gabbi Luis added.

Ham expressed gratitude to individuals and businesses for help in making the book signing possible.

“I would like to thank the children of Green Tree Christian Fellowship for their illustrations and Sunday school director Beverly Toney for her encouragement. Thank you also goes to Lee and Debbie Williams, owners of Johnnie Cash and June Carter; Dena Matlalcuatzi, owner of Pickles; and Ann Biggs, owner of Prissie. We appreciate DigiPrint for Laurie’s awesome work. Each purchase will put two books in the school system, and I’m also going to donate some to doctor’s offices.”

Books may be purchased at Bluebird or Magnolia Jane Nails and are $10 per copy.

For more information email Debbie Ham at