Put imagination to work along interstate

Published 7:30 am Saturday, December 24, 2022

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Once while on a trip to South Florida, we stopped and fed coins in a little box and watched a live duck play on a miniature piano with its bill. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed traveling, looking at houses, stores, yards, produce stands, and whatever else was on the roadside. Traveling the interstates is not like that. To overcome boredom I look for things that put my imagination work.

While thumbing through a notebook, I found my scribbling from a trip to North Carolina. I noted that off an exit of the interstate in North Georgia, you could find Flowery Branch and Sprout Springs Roads. I let my imagination carry me along a bit. What kind of flowery branches? If the road proved true to its name, it would be lined with peach and pear trees that put on a colorful spring show.

Sprout Springs Road reminded me of a dirt road I traveled with my parents one Sunday afternoon. It led us to a pipe in the ground with water gushing out. It was cold, but tasted awful because it was an artesian well with sulfur water. Other signs pointed to the unincorporated community of Hollywood.

On down the road, a sign directed motorists to Mud Creek Road. Then ahead was Big Panther Creek in Chattahoochee National Forest. One sign announced Tiger community was near. There must be some friendly folks in one neighborhood in north Georgia. They live in Welcome Lane. When we crossed the state line into Western North Carolina, we noticed signs directing traffic to Rabbit Creek, Turtle Creek and Moonshine Creek Roads. We also spotted a route to Apple Blossom Lane.

As we drove around Lake Junaluska, our destination, we saw Eagles Nest Road. It did not, as one would think remind me think of an eagle guarding its family. Rather, it brought memories of our family visit to the Eagle’s Nest high in the mountains of Germany.

Besides the directional signs, we saw a few more eye-catching signs in a clearly visible location. One was a big sign that read: “Let’s meet at my house before the game on Sunday. It was signed God.”

Even travel on interstates can be fun if put your imagination to work.