Danford takes crown at annual Ms. LBW Pageant

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Seven young women competed in this year’s Ms. LBW Pageant on Thursday, Feb. 2, and sophomore Audrey Danford was announced as the winner.

LBW President Dr. Brock Kelley crowns Audrey Danford as the winner of the 2023 Ms. LBW Pageant. (PHOTO PROVIDED BY ROBERT EVERS PHOTOGRAPHY)

Danford received a $500 cash tuition scholarship and an invitation to compete at Miss Alabama Volunteer. In addition to Ms. LBW, she also won the Wellness, Talent, and Interview categories.

“I was blown away when I was announced Ms. LBW. I’ve always dreamt of holding a collegiate title but never thought I could turn that dream into a reality. The title of Ms. LBW means so much to me because of the impact LBW has made in my life. Choosing LBW was the best decision I have ever made for my education, so being able to now represent the college that has transformed my life is an honor,” Danford said. “I feel so blessed to be the new Ms. LBW.

She started competing in pageants when she was a little girl.

“My mom and I just wanted to play dress up and enjoyed those two pageants so much. When I was in the seventh grade, I competed in Junior Miss Memolusia, and that is when my pageant journey actually began. For the next five years, I competed in several local pageants and looked forward to doing Memolusia every year. I have also competed in other scholarship programs such as the Covington County Distinguished Young Woman program.”

Her favorite part of the Ms. LBW competition was the companionship between all seven contestants. “It gave me the opportunity to meet new friends. While we were backstage, every girl helped out one another. We helped each other get ready during our quick changes and gave each other the pep talks we all needed,” she said.

Danford’s talent was a lyrical dance to the song “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons and choreographed by Callie Hatchet. She first started taking dance at the age of three.

“I was a student of creative moment at the Andalusia Ballet. I danced throughout my elementary and middle school years and was a member of the Junior and Senior Company. After taking some time off at the beginning of high school, I became a competitive dancer and competed in many competitions. I enjoy dancing because I am able to tell a story through movements of my body alone. It is my way of expressing myself and my go-to for relieving stress.”

She feels it is the most important to prepare for all areas of the pageant instead of one in particular. “This way, you feel confident in your performance. Every time I am fully prepared for all areas, I notice a major difference in my performance. Preparation is key to success.”

Although she won the Interview category, Danford added that she was not confident about it.

“In this interview, I decided to fully be myself and show the judges who I really am. I always love the interview portion of a pageant because I am an extreme extrovert who loves talking to people, and the interview portion gives me the opportunity to speak to new people.”

She was raised in Andalusia and graduated from Andalusia High School in 2021. She is the daughter of Phillip and Mary Ann Danford. Her younger brother, Chance, is currently a sophomore at AHS.

Danford’s future plans are to transfer to Auburn University and enroll in the nursing program.

“I hope to become a labor and delivery nurse and plan to stay in the nursing field for a few years. Throughout my nursing career, I plan to obtain my master’s in Healthcare Administration and hopefully secure a CNO position in a hospital,” she said.

She credited her mother as the person who has helped her reach this point of her life. “She has been my biggest role model and supporter throughout my entire life. She is an outstanding woman who has taught me everything I know about life. I love her dearly, and it is such an honor to call her my mother.”

Other category award winners from this year’s Ms. LBW are as follows:

  • Spirit: Caroline Bailey
  • Self-Expression: Rhian Grayson
  • Second Alternate: Destiny Presley
  • First Alternate: Rhian Grayson

“I am thankful for everyone in this community. The amount of love and support I have received from the community has been overwhelming. My hometown is the best town in this world,” Danford said.