Mothers, daughters hold tradition to attend St. Patrick’s Day parade

Published 9:15 am Friday, March 17, 2023

An annual St. Patrick’s Day tradition that started over 25 years ago aims to bring local mothers and their daughters or daughters-in-law together for quality time at a holiday parade in Biloxi, Mississippi.

This year was the first time the tradition was able to take place since the pandemic began in 2020. There were 15 individuals who attended the parade on Saturday, March 11.

“Most of the mothers worked at Shaw Industries several years ago, and it started as a friend trip. Over the years, we have kept the tradition going and since added our daughters or daughters-in-law for a great time. This is a time that we all just get to chill and relax and catch up with each other,” Mellisa King said.

Due to the pandemic, the ladies have not had a chance to unite for the parade in the last three years.

“We were so excited to go back this year. There were nine of us who traveled together and six others who met us at the event. We have had a lot more in years past. The parade is very similar to Mardi Gras parades. They throw out beads, stuffed animals, snacks, and hats, just to name a few. Although the parade lasted for only an hour, it was a fun way for us to get together and enjoy each other’s company.”

King was grateful for the fellowship time with her mother and fellow companions.

“I love being able to spend this time with my mom and friends that are like family. Life seems to go in fast forward, so I cherish any time I can get with my mom. We are all just a bunch of friends trying to do things with our precious mommas. Everyone should make time to do things with the ones they love,” she said. “I always look forward to this event each year,” Linda Willis added.

Following the parade, the group was able to go out to eat and catch up on life’s events.

“We laughed a lot and reminisced about trips we have made in the past. There are several funny stories and memories we have made. Those of us that wanted to were even able to gamble a little bit,” King said.

For Michelle Armstrong, this trip marks three generations of making special memories with her family and friends.

“I love making special memories with my mom. This year, it was even more exciting to be able to have my girls go with us and get to experience the parade. We were also able to enjoy grilling on the green as a generation of three. The memories we make are priceless,” Armstrong said.

Christy Carter made her first trip in the last four years and felt the same way as Armstrong.

“All of us girls went to school together, and our moms worked together. We then raised our kids and continue these cherished friendships we have made while we enjoy our families growing,” Carter said.