Coterie Club adds ‘Little Free Library’ at Johnson Park

Published 7:30 am Thursday, April 20, 2023

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Johnson Park has just received a new addition that is sure to bring excitement and inspiration to its visitors.

Local resident Nik Bass has constructed a Little Free Library, which was purchased and donated to the park by the Andalusia Coterie Club. The Little Free Library is stocked with books from the club’s previous Storybook Festival, providing children with a chance to read while enjoying the park’s surroundings.

This community-driven initiative demonstrates the power of collaboration and generosity, as the City of Andalusia partnered with the Coterie Club to promote literacy and education in the area.

“The Little Free Library is not just a box of books but a symbol of the importance of reading and learning in our society,” said Coterie Club President Destiny Smith.

With this new resource, children can take a break from the playground and enjoy a good book under a shady tree or on a nearby bench.

“The hope is that this will inspire young readers to develop a lifelong love of reading, while also providing families with an opportunity to bond over a shared activity,” Smith said.

The Coterie Club’s decision to donate the Little Free Library is a testament to their commitment to making Andalusia a better place to live, according to Smith.

“The Little Free Library at Johnson Park serves as a reminder of the power of local initiatives and grassroots efforts in promoting education and civic engagement. It is a wonderful example of how simple acts of kindness and generosity can make a real difference in people’s lives,” she said.

The Andalusia Coterie Club would like to thank Nik Bass for building the Little Free Library and the City of Andalusia for providing a great central location for the library to be housed. 

“We hope that this Little Free Library will continue to inspire children and families for years to come,” Smith said.