Eight graduate from LBW physical therapist assistant program

Published 9:15 am Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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LBW Community College announced the eight graduates from its Physical Therapist Assistant program for the class of 2023 on Tuesday, May 9.

The eight graduates are Jodi Farris, Kayla Elizabeth Kessling, Klayton Shane Knowles, Misty Dawn Shaulis, Alissa Nicole Taylor, Mary Riley Walker, Sara Marie Watford, and Mary Elizabeth Williams.

“Today’s ceremony is an opportunity to publicly recognize our students and acknowledge all of the hard work and dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, and the accomplishments that they have achieved over the last year,” said Physical Therapist Assistant Program Director T-Michael Dougherty. “Dr. Green and I, PTA faculty, really look forward to this day as the pinnacle of their progression as PTA students.”

Dr. Rachel Green, PTA Program Clinical Education Coordinator, presented the following awards to three deserving students.

Elizabeth Williams was awarded the Professionalism Award, given to the student who has demonstrated a high level of professionalism throughout their time in the program.

Jodi Farris was awarded the Leadership Award, given to the student who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the classroom and clinic.

Klayton Knowles was awarded the Academic Achievement Award, given to the student who has had the highest academic achievement across all semesters of the program.

Rani Langham served as the keynote speaker Tuesday. Langham is a PTA grad and advisory board member.

“She is a model student in our program last year that has gone on to embody everything we hope our students do and accomplish in the program,” said Dougherty.

The LBW Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program is a “one plus one” program and requires the successful completion of two semesters of general education prerequisite coursework followed by application and acceptance to the technical phase of the program.

The technical phase of the Program involves three consecutive semesters of physical therapy-related coursework in the classroom, laboratory and clinical settings. Students are introduced to the concepts, theories, skills and principles related to physical therapy in the classroom and laboratory settings, and progressively exposed to the clinical setting in which their newly acquired knowledge, skills and behaviors are practiced with real patients under the direction and supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist and/or Physical Therapist Assistant.

“You share a very important role as physical therapist assistants,” Langham said. “You will change people’s lives.”

For more information on the Physical Therapist Assistant program email tdougherty@lbwcc.edu or call Dougherty at 334-382-2133 ext. 3212.