Ingram ‘reaches end goal’ as next Red Level School principal

Published 3:00 pm Wednesday, June 7, 2023

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The Covington County Board of Education approved Tony Ingram as the next principal for Red Level School at a regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, June 6.

Ingram, a 1980 Red Level High School alumnus, was previously the assistant principal under Randy McGlaun who accepted a position at the central office.

“I would like to thank Mr. Driver and the entire board of education for not only the opportunity but the confidence they have placed in me by my naming me principal. I would also like to thank Mr. Randy McGlaun for his friendship and guidance, which he provided me by hiring me as assistant principal. He hired me and gave me the opportunity to lead. Some people have the approach that I’m the boss and lay out your day-to-day duties. Randy hired me and gave me the freedom to do my job. He was always there for advice and guidance but never micromanaged me. For that and more importantly his seemingly lifelong friendship, I will be eternally grateful. Without him, this opportunity would not be possible,” Ingram said.

He considered it a true honor to lead his alma mater.

“The opportunity to pour into a place and a community that has done so much for me and my family is immeasurable. I am a fourth-generation graduate and cannot put into words what it means to me. When I began my administration degree, this was the end goal. The history and tradition of this town and school would surprise some, but in its heyday, this town was a pillar of Covington County.”

His wife Ladonice, children Tyler Ingram, Courtney Ingram Williamson, and grandson Brody Ingram are all graduates. His grandson Jackson Ingram is an upcoming senior, grandson Gunner Ingram and Willow Williamson are upcoming sixth graders. Layton Williamson will be in second grade, and Adalyn Williamson will be in Pre-K.

Despite several modifications in the last several years, Ingram feels work is still necessary.

“There have been many improvements made recently at Red Level under Mr. McGlaun and Mr. Johnny Odom before him, but we still have a ways to go. I have several big projects and many more smaller projects that I have in mind. I will have to prioritize and do one thing at a time, do a good job, and move on to the next one rather than starting several projects at once,” he said.

He referred to the support he has received as overwhelming.

“The Southeastern Conference motto ‘It Just Means More’ is fitting here. My peers, colleagues, and ‘Good Ole Red Level Folks’ have just left me speechless. Mr. Johnny Odom was both my friend and my principal a few years ago and planted the seed. He really pushed me to get my admin degree, and it was his wish that I become principal at RLS one day. I’ve said this in previous interviews, but there is no place on earth like Red Level and no better people on this planet.”

Ingram stated he would always put the best interests of the school, students, and faculty and staff first in every decision made.

“We will do everything for our school in that order. I also want the school and community to know that one man working by himself can only change so much, but collectively, we can change the world or at least our little corner of it. It will take work, hard work, and a collaborative effort from all stakeholders to accomplish our goals,” he said.

Ingram’s tenure as the school principal will begin July 1.