Having choices can be powerful

Published 7:30 am Saturday, June 17, 2023

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Again this week, I am choosing to interrupt the series on disease-specific prognosis to discuss a topic that I feel is of utmost importance, especially since three times in the last two weeks, I have been told by three individual people, “I wasn’t given a choice.”

Vickie Wacaster, Patient and Hospice Advocate with Aveanna Hospice (formerly Comfort Care Hospice)

We all know that many daily choices require no detailed thought process. For example, I will choose a regular fountain coke over a fountain diet coke because even though diet coke is my favorite, I’m not too fond of how a fountain diet coke tastes. However, not all decisions or choices are that easy.

Making a decision based on choices is power. A choice is a selection from one or more variety of options, and a decision is deciding upon one or more of those options.

Indeed, when faced with complex choices, it is always a good idea to find your options or, in other words, find out what your choices are. From choosing a president to selecting a healthcare option, knowing your options will help you make a personal decision and will not allow someone else to make that choice or decision for you.

Regarding home health or hospice, please be advised; it is your personal decision (Patient’s Bill of Rights – National Association for Home Care and Hospice) which home health or hospice you choose. Claim ownership of your choices; remember, a choice is power.

A quote from Jay Rifenbary inspires me. “You and I need to be the decision-makers in our lives and careers. It is also our responsibility to allow and encourage others to do the same.”

— Vickie Wacaster is a patient advocate with Aveanna Hospice (formerly Comfort Care Hospice).