GALLERY: Rogers awarded 2024 Distinguished Young Woman of Covington County title

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, July 19, 2023

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Andalusia High School rising senior Ivy Rogers was crowned as the 2024 Distinguished Young Woman of Covington County on Saturday, July 15.

This year’s event with a “Defining Moments” theme was held at LBW Community College in the Martha and Solon Dixon Center for the Performing Arts. Rogers received her winning medal from 2023 DYW winner Grace Shellhouse.

“It means a lot to me to be named Covington County’s Distinguished Young Woman of 2024,” Rogers said. “I have grown up watching the program, watching the girls who won go on to state, and watching them become successful individuals. I knew from a young age I wanted to be in this program. I grew up as a shy kid and struggled with expressing myself, but preparing for this program and now winning it has given me a new confidence. I now know that a label (for me, it was shy) does not define who you are but who you believe you are. Hard work pays off, and you can prove anyone wrong with it.”

Rogers added that the competition was an enjoyable experience.

“This year was a blast. I spent every day the week of practicing with all of the participants. Each girl was so kind and uplifting towards each other in a competitive environment. Backstage, we were all laughing, singing, helping each other get ready, and wishing each other luck before someone took the stage for talent, fitness, or self-expression. I made so many memories and friends.”

She turned to the community and focused on two of DYW’s largest requirements prior to the competition.

“I mainly prepared by having mock interviews with some people around town. I also did research on political events on my own time. I knew public speaking and interview were huge components for DYW, so I wanted to get as much practice as I could in those aspects.”

Her talent was a ballet/ jazz dance on pointe to “Last Dance” by Donna Summers.

“My mom put me in dance when I was four. From then on, it became a passion of mine as I have always loved music, and I was getting to learn to dance to it. Ballet has been a huge part of my life, as it’s something I do almost every day, so I decided to dance for my talent. I choreographed most of the piece on my own, and I got Mr. José Soares and Emily Anne Morgan to help me with it. I also made my own costume with the help of my seamstress Liz Jones,” she said.

Rogers is excited to see what unfolds as her final school year at Andalusia draws near.

“I’m looking forward to all of the lasts: my last year as a majorette, my last homecoming, Memolusia, and being a member of many clubs. I already know my senior year is going to be so much fun.”

Although she will be pursuing a career in the medical field, she is currently undecided on where she will further her education.

“I am planning on going into biomedical sciences and possibly double majoring in dance as well. I would like to become a dermatologist in the future. I have not made a decision on a college, but Alabama and Auburn are on my radar,” Rogers said.

She expressed gratitude to her loved ones for helping her reach this point of her life.

“My family and friends have seen me through the lowest of lows and have believed that I can do this. In times where I believed I couldn’t, they were there cheering me on. I love my mom, my dad, and my sister so much for cheering me on Saturday and bearing through the stress and rollercoaster of emotions I was going through all week. They deserve their own medals, too.”

Rogers encouraged any upcoming juniors to participate in the competition.

“Do not be afraid to sign up. There are some aspects of the program you may not be comfortable with. Those were definitely there for me, but you will not regret the work you put into it. You will come out of the program with a new glow. This program pushes you, but learning to get comfortable being uncomfortable is the greatest lesson you will learn,” she said.

She is the daughter of Scott Rogers and Tina Rogers with a younger sister, Alice.

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  • Second Alternate: Cape Merrell
  • Third Alternate: Liz Ann Jackson
  • Fourth Alternate: Anna Martin
  • Rising Star: Summer Killough and Kylie Waters
  • Be Your Best Self Essay: Emmy Mixson and Madison Castleberry
  • Spirit of DYW: Ava Tomberlin, Sam Lawson, and Liz Ann Jackson
  • Fitness: Katie Kennedy and Ainsley Ricks
  • Self-Expression: Ava Tomberlin and Madison Castleberry
  • Talent: Aubrey Pittman and Ivy Rogers
  • Scholastic: Emmy Mixson and Cape Merrell
  • Interview: Cape Merrell and Ava Tomberlin