Opp SkillsUSA launches breast cancer awareness campaign

Published 12:00 pm Friday, October 13, 2023

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SkillsUSA, a leading organization dedicated to empowering students and fostering leadership skills, announces its Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, dedicated in memory of Heather Bryan.

As part of the group’s tribute, SkillsUSA has painted Bryan’s parking place as a memorial and initiated a series of initiatives to support breast cancer awareness and education.

Pack the Place in Pink: Join the Shirt Sale
As part of SkillsUSA’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, and in memory of Bryan, SkillsUSA introduced the “Pack the Place in Pink” shirt sale. These specially-designed shirts not only serve as a symbol of support for breast cancer awareness but also contribute to the Heather Bryan Memorial Scholarship Fund.

SkillsUSA officials said they are committed to continuing Byran’s legacy of support and encouragement for young individuals pursuing their dreams.

“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink”
In the spirit of unity and remembrance, SkillsUSA invites the community to participate in “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” throughout the month of October. “By wearing pink every Wednesday, we show our solidarity with those affected by breast cancer and remember our friends and family who have been lost to this disease,” SkillsUSA representatives said.

SkillsUSA Volunteers at the Heather Bryan Memorial 5K
In addition to their ongoing efforts to commemorate Bryan’s legacy and support breast cancer awareness, SkillsUSA is proud to announce our participation in the Heather Bryan Memorial 5K, scheduled to take place on Oct. 28. This event holds special significance as it honors Heather’s memory and furthers the cause she cared deeply about.

SkillsUSA members will be volunteering their time and dedication to ensure the smooth operation of the Heather Bryan Memorial 5K. “We will be assisting with event logistics, participant registration, water stations, and more. Our involvement in this event reflects our commitment to giving back to the community and upholding the values that Heather Bryan stood for,” SkillsUSA said in its announcement.

“The Heather Bryan Memorial 5K is not only an opportunity for us to pay tribute to Heather but also a chance for our organization to actively contribute to the fight against breast cancer. By volunteering at this event, SkillsUSA members are actively participating in the broader mission of raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research and support.”

The community is invited to a Heather Bryan Memorial 5K on Oct. 28 and be a part of the event.

“Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer and carry forward Heather’s legacy of compassion and dedication.”

For more information about the Heather Bryan Memorial 5K and how to participate or support the event, visit the event’s Facebook page.

SkillsUSA is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer and supporting those affected by it. SkillsUSA invites the public to join them in this campaign, to remember Bryan’s spirit, and to contribute to a brighter future for students through the Heather Bryan Memorial Scholarship Fund.

For more information about the campaign, contact Emily Cassady at Opp High School by emailing ecassady@oppboe.com.