Kiwanis Covington County Fair flower show winners named

Published 9:15 am Thursday, November 2, 2023

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The Kiwanis Covington County Fair had the Flower Show sponsored by the El Martes Garden Club as one of its exhibits for the first time since 2019.

The Show had entries in six categories with 44 different classes in those categories. One blue ribbon can be awarded in each class. Unfortunately, this year there were 18 classes that had no blue ribbon winners. In addition to the blue ribbons, a first, second, and third place is awarded in four of the categories, and only a first place is awarded in the other two categories. Each blue ribbon receives a cash prize of $5. First place in each category receives $25, second place receives $15, and third Place receives $10. The overall winner of the show receives the Horticulture Excellence Award and the Grand Prize from the Kiwanis Club.

The winners by Categories and Classes are as follows:

Category A: Biennials, Perennials, Flowering Specimens

  • Class 1: Marigold (1 stem or spray): No winner
  • Class 2: Zennia (1 stem): No winner
  • Class 3: Celosia (1 stem): Kelly Faulkner
  • Class 4: Gerber Daisy (1 stem): Jo Ellen Sellers
  • Class 5: Gerbera Daisy (1 stem): Jerri Stroud
  • Class 6: Coneflower (1 stem): No winner
  • Class 7: Chrysanthemum (1 stem or spray: Paula Hagler
  • Class 8: Rose (1 stem of spray): Mandy Wilburn
  • Class 9: Other cut flowering specimen (to be identified): Anna Copeland
  • Category Winners:  1st Award of Merit: Paula Hagler, 2nd Special Award: Anna Copeland, 3rd Award of Distinction: Jo Ellen Sellers

Category B: Bulbs, Corms, Tubers, and Rhizomes

  • Class 10: Dahlia (1 bloom): No winner
  • Class 11: Pine Cone Lilly (1 stem): Norma Jackson
  • Class 12: Caladium (1 stem): Paula Hagler
  • Class 13: Other bulb, corm, tuber, or rhizome (to be identified): No winner
  • Category Winner: 1st Award of Merit: Norma Jackson

Category C: Decorative Cut Foliage

  • Class 14: Any decorative cut foliage, such as umbrella plant, elephant ear, philodendron, or grasses, etc.: Hanna Merrell
  • Category Winner:  1st Award of Merit: Hanna Merrell

Category D: Aboreal Specimen (one branch or cutting without bloom)

  • Class 15: Aucuba (green, gold, or variegated: Katy Sue Wells
  • Class 16: Fatsia: No winner
  • Class 17: Holly (without berries): No winner
  • Class 18: Holly (with berries): No winner
  • Class 19: Juniper: No winner
  • Class 20: Mahonia: No winner
  • Class 21: Nandina: No winnrr
  • Class 22: Pittosporum: Paula Hagler
  • Class 23: Podocarpus (Japanese yew: No winner
  • Class 24: Tea Olive: Jerri Stroud
  • Class 25: Camellia: Brook Burkett
  • Class 26: Sasanqua: Sandra Proctor
  • Class 27: Hydrangea: Katy Sue Wells
  • Class 28: Other cut branch, such as gardenia, cleyera, euonymous, tree ivy, ligustrum and pyracantha: Sandra Proctor
  • Category Winners:  1st Award of Merit: Brook Burkett, 2nd Special Award: Jerri Stroud, 3rd Award of Distinction: Katy Sue Wells

Category E: Succulents

  • Class 29: Echeveria (Hen and Chicks: Mandy Wilburn
  • Class 30: Kalanchoe: Louise Anderson
  • Class 31: Jade: Jjill Bryant
  • Class 32: Peperomia: Amy Till
  • Class 33: Other succulents (Flap Jack plant): No winner
  • Category Winners:  1st Award of Merit: Louise Anderson, 2nd Special Award: Mandy Wilburn, 3rd Award of Distinction: Amy Till

Category F: Container-grown Plants

  • Class 34: Hanging basket : No winner
  • Class 35: Aloe: No winner
  • Class 36: Cactus: Louise Anderson
  • Class 37: Sansevieria (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue): Hanna Merrell
  • Class 38: Begonia: Jerri Stroud
  • Class 39: Fern: No winner
  • Class 40: Geranium: Rebecca Caldwell
  • Class 41: Hibiscus: No winner
  • Class 42: Bromeliad: Brook Burkett
  • Class 43: Single specimen potted plant not listed in Category F: Jerri Stroud
  • Class 44: Mixed Container Garden (several types of plants in one pot including fairy gardens, and terrariums): Katy Sue Wells
  • Category Winners:  1st Award of Merit: Jerri Stroud, 2nd Special Award: Louise Anderson, 3rd Award of Distinction: Jerri Stroud

Overall Winning Entry: HORTICULTURE EXCELLENCE AWARD: Jerri Stroud 

In addition to the monetary awards, second and third place ribbons were awarded to winners within the classes. Other entries receiving place ribbons within classes are as follows:

Class 7: Paula Hagler (2nd and 3rd); Class 8: Mandy Wilburn (2nd); Class 9: Kelly Faulkner (2nd), Allison Foshee (3rd); Class 11: Paula Hagler (2nd); Class 12: Jenny Pitts (2nd); Class 14: Paula Hagler (2nd), Jenny Pitts (3rd); Class 15: Jerri Stroud (2nd); Class 24: Louise Anderson (2nd): Class 28: Hanna Merrell (2nd), Jerri Stroud (3rd); Class 31: Paula Hagler (2nd); Class 36: Rebecca Cladwell (2nd); Class 37: Mandy Wilburn (2nd); Class 42: Paula Hagler (2nd); Class 43: Shelia Wilson (2nd), Louise Anderson (3rd).