Local teams begin track and field season at CCS facility

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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The 2024 track and field season got underway with several local schools in action at the Covington County Schools Track and Field Facility on Thursday, March 7.

The Straughn girls won the event, while the boys earned sixth. Florala finished second in boys and third in girls. Pleasant Home took third in boys and sixth in girls. Red Level was seventh in girls and eighth in boys. The Opp girls tied with Georgiana for ninth, and Fleeta rounded out the county’s effort with a 12th-place finish in girls.

County results are as follows:

Girls’ 4×800 meter relay: Straughn-first, 11:57.73

Boys’ 4×800 meter relay: Florala-first, 9:39.73; Straughn-fifth, 11:12.33

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles: Lillian Weeks, Straughn-first, 18.66; Breanna Yates, Straughn-fourth, 22.06; Camani Crittenden, Red Level-fifth, 22.53; Greer Meeks, Red Level-sixth, 22.69

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles: Seth Cotton, Florala-fourth, 17.56; Jackson Ingram, Red Level-sixth, 19.62; Ayden Kelley, Straughn-seventh, 21.63

Girls’ 100-meter dash: Miracle Wright, Red Level-first, 12.61; Kyndra Anthony, Florala-fourth, 13.09; Trinity Cator, Straughn-seventh, 13.94; Camani Crittenden, Red Level-11th, 14.35; Breanna Yates, Straughn-14th, 14.75; Breanna Robbins, Straughn-15th, 14.78; Marian Crowell, Red Level-16th, 14.86; Payton Williams, Red Level-18th, 15.00; Shelby James, Straughn-19th, 15.16; Alexa Mortellaro, Red Level-20th, 15.26; Greer Meeks, Red Level-21st, 15.53; Ella Heffner, Florala-23rd, 16.21; Gracelynn Taylor, Florala-24th, 16.35; Joanna Cole, Fleeta-25th, 16.49; Lily Bookout, Florala-26th, 16.78; Krista Sexton, Red Level-27th, 17.33; Alexa Hamilton, Red Level-29th, 17.91; Sally Thomasson, Red Level-30th, 19.09

Boys’ 100-meter dash: Malique Copeland, Red Level-11th, 12.05; Ronald Johnson, Florala-13th, 12.09; Jacob Bryan, Pleasant Home-14th, 12.10; Dominic Williams Jr., Red Level-16th, 12.15; Caston Black, Red Level-18th, 12.21; Travis Johnson, Straughn-21st, 12.25; Deion Walton, Red Level-24th, 12.44; Mason Penn, Straughn-26th, 12.64; Micah Wright, Red Level-29th, 12.75; Austin Seay, Straughn-30th, 12.84; Shambrian Mayes, Red Level-31st; 12.99; Braden Walker, Red Level-32nd, 13.03; Kyle Kelley, Straughn-33rd, 13.28; Titus Weber, Florala-34th, 13.28; Braylen Godwin, Red Level-35th, 13.41; Cody Presser, Florala-36th, 13.53; Landon Cross, Straughn-37th, 13.64; Christopher Lawson, Florala-38th, 13.72; Demarius Johnson, Red Level-39th, 13.81; Samuel Maloy, Fleeta-41st, 14.83; Connor Morrison, Straughn-42nd, 15.19; Brady Acree-Fleeta, 43rd, 15.50

Girls’ 1600-meter run: Kaitlyn Bybee, Straughn-first, 6:05.47; Faithe Eib, Straughn-second, 6:22.83; Emery Wood, Florala-third, 6:28.38; Christina Sanders, Florala-fourth, 6:55.08; Reagan Bartholomew, Straughn-fifth, 7:24.50

Boys’ 1600-meter run: Jackson Hawkins, Pleasant Home-first, 5:13.24; Jay Lee, Florala-third, 5:51.05; Elijah Cowdery, Straughn-seventh, 6:13.14; Jace Blocker, Straughn-ninth, 6:27.51; Devin Morrow, Straughn-12th, 6:30.12; Brayden Frye, Straughn-13th, 6:31.87

Boys’ 4×100-meter relay: Pleasant Home-fourth, 47.21; Red Level-fifth, 47.38; Florala-ninth, 50.02, Straughn-11th, 51.42

Girls’ 400-meter run: Trinity Cator, Straughn-third, 1:08.30; Kaylee Donaldson, Fleeta-fifth, 1:09.17, Faithe Eib, Straughn-sixth, 1:11.63; Elizabeth Sanders, Florala-seventh, 1:12.78; Jade Rodriguez, Pleasant Home-11th, 1:17.38; Alyssa Anderson, Florala-12th, 1:18.51; Kaylie Williams, Red Level-13th-1:18.59; Payton Williams, Red Level-14th, 1:18.70, Joanna Cole, Fleeta-18th, 1:27.35; Gracelynn Taylor, Florala-20th, 1:37.62

Boys’ 400-meter run: Johnathan Neal, Florala-fourth, 56.33; Jackson Ingram, Red Level-eighth, 58.50; Greyson West, Florala-10th, 59.77; Christian Greasham, Florala-11th, 1:00.11; Ben Carroll, Red Level-12th, 1:00.27, Carter Straughn, Straughn-13th, 1:01.24; Braden Walker, Red Level-14th, 1:01.90; Dalton Devenney, Florala-19th, 1:04.28; Cristian Zamora-Garcia, Florala-20th, 1:05.15; Connor Owens, Red Level-22nd, 1:06.48; Tyler Josey, Pleasant Home-24th, 1:08.74; Samuel Maloy, Fleeta-27th, 1:11.55; Brady Acree, Fleeta-30th, 1:24.96

Girls’ 300-meter hurdles: Kyndra Anthony, Florala-first, 53.00

Boys’ 300-meter hurdles: Seth Cotton, Florala-third, 44.59; Joao Fernandes, Pleasant Home-fourth, 48.93; Brody Ryals, Pleasant Home-ninth, 55.77; Ayden Kelley, Straughn-10th, 56.72

Girls’ 800-meter run: Kaitlyn Bybee, Straughn-first, 2:46.18; Emery Wood, Florala-third, 2:53:10, Faithe Eib-Straughn-fourth, 2:55:30; Reagan Bartholomew-Straughn, sixth, 3:13.33; Cassie Wyrosdick, Straughn-ninth, 4:05.91

Boys’ 800-meter run: Jackson Hawkins, Pleasant Home-first, 2:21.46; John Isaac Hawkins, Pleasant Home-third, 2:23.69; Layton Stone, Florala-seventh, 2:35.13; Cristian Zamora-Garcia, Florala-eighth, 2:35.60; Johnathan Neal, Florala-10th, 2:37.88; Mason Bennett, Florala-11th, 2:37.98; Brayden Odom, Red Level-12th, 2:39.26; Noah Anderson, Florala-15th, 2:40.30; Elijah Cowdery, Straughn-17th, 2:41.82; Devin Morrow, Straughn-18th, 2:44.77; Brayden Frye, Straughn-24th, 3:02.94; Jace Blocker, Straughn-25th, 3:03.34

Girls’ 200-meter dash: Miracle Wright, Red Level-second, 26.55; Trinity Cator, Straughn-fourth, 28.96; Camani Crittenden, Red Level-10th, 31.02; Mariah Crowell, Red Level-11th, 31.06; Breanna Yates, Straughn-14th, 31.69; Breanna Robbins, Straughn-15th, 31.90; Alexa Mortellaro, Red Level-17th, 32.47; Payton Williams, Red Level-18th, 32.62; Anasten Robbins, Straughn-19th, 33.12; Ella Heffner, Florala-20th, 33.82; Kaylie Williams, Red Level-21st, 34.19; Si’Naya Purifoy, Pleasant Home-22nd, 34.67, Greer Meeks, Red Level-23rd, 35.13; Lily Bookout, Florala-25th, 37.17; Gracelynn Taylor, Florala-26th, 38.03; Sally Thomasson, Red Level-27th, 41.10

Boys’ 200-meter dash: Chris Scott, Pleasant Home-seventh, 24.32; Malique Copeland, Red Level-ninth, 24.90; Dominic Williams Jr., Red Level-12th, 25.49; Deion Walton, Red Level-13th, 25.50; Kaden Cantrell, Florala-18th, 26.25; Greyson West, Florala-19th, 26.44; Shambrian Mayes, Red Level-20th, 26.88; Mason Penn, Straughn-21st, 27.06; Titus Weber, Florala-23rd, 27.82; Cody Prosser, Florala-25th, 28.22; Braylen Godwin, Red Level-26th, 28.64; Landon Cross, Straughn-30th, 29.35; Mason Bennett, Straughn-32nd, 30.40; Connor Morrison, Straughn-33rd, 33.38

Girls’ 3200-meter run: Kaitlyn Bybee, Straughn-first, 13:52.28, Christina Sanders, Florala-second, 15:41.77, Reagan Bartholomew, Straughn-third, 16:08.27

Boys’ 3200-meter run: Vance Kelley, Pleasant Home-second, 12:53.87, Jay Lee, Florala-third, 13:41.71, Elijah Cowdery, Straughn-fifth, 14:52.63; Brayden Frye, Straughn-sixth, 14:59.80; Jace Blocker, Straughn-seventh, 15:52.33

Girls’ 4×400-meter relay: Florala-second, 5:05.00

Boys’ 4×400-meter relay: Florala-first, 3:53.41; Pleasant Home-second, 3:55.98

Girls’ pole vault: Pressley Kelley, Pleasant Home-first, 8-03.00

Boys’ pole vault: Vance Kelley, Pleasant Home-first, 9-00.00

Girls’ high jump: Breanna Robbins, Straughn-first, 4-00-00; Lauri Glisson, Straughn-second, 3-00.00

Boys’ high jump: Rayshon Coleman, Florala-first, 5-06.00; Connor Owens, Red Level-second, 5-04.00; Dixon Fite, Straughn-fourth, 5-00.00

Boys’ long jump: Jacob Bryan, Pleasant Home-ninth, 17-04.75; Willie Sutton, Florala-12th, 16-09.00; Carter Straughn, Straughn-15th, 16-01.00; Christian Greasham, Florala-16th, 15-09.50; Thiago Fernandes, Pleasant Home-17th, 15-08.00; Ronald Johnson, Florala-18th, 15-07.50; Kyle Kelley, Straughn-20th, 13-11.00, Braylon Samuel, Straughn-21st, 13-09.25

Girls’ long jump: Pressley Kelley, Pleasant Home-second, 13-00.00; Breanna Robbins, Straughn-third, 12-08.25; Anslee Wallace, Straughn-fourth, 12-04.00; Kate Kelley, Pleasant Home-fifth, 12-00.00; Scarlett Scroggins, Straughn-sixth, 11-09.00; Anasten Robbins, Straughn-seventh, 10-03.00

Girls’ triple jump: Anna Driver, Straughn-first, 29-01.00

Boys’ triple jump: Rayshon Coleman, Florala-second, 37-00.00; Brody Bryan, Pleasant Home-third, 34-11.00; Dixon Fite, Straughn-seventh, 33-10.00

Girls’ discus throw: Briley Douglas, Pleasant Home-second, 68-05; Kaylee Vines, Straughn-third, 58-06; Alex Kelley, Straughn-fifth, 56-00; Katie Worley, Straughn-12th, 46-11; Emma Eaton, Straughn-13th, 43-00; Raley Maddox, Red Level-14th, 42-09; Krista Sexton, Red Level-16th, 38-06; Mia Davis, Florala-17th, 36-08; Cheyenne Arnaud, Fleeta-18th, 36-01; Kaylee Donaldson, Fleeta-20th, 35-07

Boys’ discus throw: Christian Greasham, Florala-second, 103-08; Avery Smith, Straughn-fourth, 98-00; Xavier Crain, Red Level-seventh, 93-05; Dalton Jackson, Florala-ninth, 91-05; Zach Dixon, Straughn-12th, 88-06; Zach Coker-Red Level, 13th, 86-02; Brice Bowling-Straughn, 14th, 84-00; Dylon Smith, Straughn-24th, 61-07; Jordan Giror, Straughn-26th, 58-00; Carson Watkins, Florala-28th, 53-02; Christian Attocknie, Red Level-29th, 51-10; Andrew Godwin, Red Level-30th, 50-01; Rylan Pettie, Fleeta-32nd, 33-05

Girls’ shot put: Alex Kelley, Straughn-first, 28-04.00; Emma Eaton, Straughn-fifth, 24-04.00; Chloe Anderson, Straughn-eighth, 23-00-00; Madelyn Worley, Straughn-eighth, 23-00-00; Maggie Russell, Florala-11th, 21-10.00; Mia Davis, Florala-14th, 19-05.00; Zoey Phillips-Red Level, 15th, 17-09.00; Kaylee Vines-Straughn, 16th, 17-02.00; Cheyenne Arnaud-Fleeta, 17th, 15-08.00; Raley Maddox-Red Level, 19th, 14-09.00

Boys’ shot put: Avery Smith, Straughn-third, 40-05.00; Ean Robbins, Straughn-sixth, 38-05.00; Julius Davis-Florala, 14th, 32-03.00; Dalton Jackson-Florala, 15th, 32-02.00; Zach Coker-Red Level, 18th, 31-06.00; Caleb Chatman-Florala, 19th, 30-07.00; Dylon Smith-Straughn, 21st, 29-08.00; Brice Bowling-Straughn, 23rd, 29-02.00; Xavier Crain-Red Level, 27th, 27-07.00; Braxton Hunt-Florala, 29th, 25-11.50; John Martin Douglas-Pleasant Home, 30th, 25-06.00; Jordan Giror-Straughn, 31st, 24-07.00; Christian Attocknie-Red Level, 32nd, 24-05.00; Andrew Godwin-Red Level, 33rd, 22-11.00; James Cassady-Pleasant Home, 34th, 21-09.50; Rylan Pettie-Fleeta, 35th, 18-11.00; Blake Smith-Fleeta, 37th, 16-04.00

Girls’ javelin throw: MacKenzie Phillips-Opp, first, 101-47; Chloe Anderson-Straughn, third, 85-00; Alex Kelley-Straughn, fourth, 84-02; Christina Sanders-Florala, fifth, 78-03; Chloe Bush-Pleasant Home, seventh, 63-07; Maggie Russell-Florala, eighth, 59-09; Payton Williams-Red Level, 10th, 56-05; Madelyn Worley-Straughn, 11th, 52-11; Emma Eaton-Straughn, 12th, 45-08; Krista Sexton-Red Level, 14th, 32-03; Kaylee Donaldson-Fleeta, 15th, 31-02; Raley Maddox-Red Level, 17th, 25-02

Boys’ javelin throw: Seth Cotton, Florala-first, 120-02; Avery Smith, Straughn-second, 119-09; Dominic Williams Jr., Red Level-third, 119-06; Carter Straughn, Straughn-fourth, 119-01; Jacob Bryan, Pleasant Home-fifth, 116-00; Dixon Fite, Straughn-sixth, 110-07; Quincy Barbour, Florala-seventh, 102-01; Ben Carroll, Red Level-ninth, 95-07; Brice Bowling, Straughn-10th, 87-10; Walt Cook, Pleasant Home-11th, 86-06; Braxton Ward, Pleasant Home, 15th, 73-08; Braxton Hunt, Florala-17th, 69-03; Blake Smith, Fleeta-20th, 40-06; Rylan Pettie, Fleeta-22nd, 39-03

The next meet is scheduled for Thursday, March 14, with field events beginning at 1 p.m. and running events starting at 2 p.m.