LBWCC pays tribute to 14 in ‘StrongHer’ recognition during March

Published 1:00 pm Saturday, March 23, 2024

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Throughout Women’s History Month in March, LBW President Dr. Brock Kelley recognized a select group of employees and community members who make the local college and their communities stronger.

A total of 14 women were selected for LBW’s “StrongHer” recognition.

“Not only do I see the impact these ladies are making throughout the institute and community, but it’s evident through the nomination process that their peers and coworkers see their continuous passion helps make our institution StrongHer,” Dr. Kelley said.

Randi Bozeman serves as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid at the MacArthur Campus with 12 years of dedicated service to LBW.

She finds deep fulfillment in her role, not just in assisting students with the logistical aspects of starting and funding their college journey, but in empowering them to believe in themselves.

“LBWCC is the best school within ACCS because of the faculty and staff’s unwavering commitment to provide each student with comprehensive support that goes beyond academic guidance to ensure that each student can and will succeed,” Bozeman said.

Diaon Cook is a retired English and reading instructor and former director of student activities at LBW Community College, where she dedicated 43 years of service.

Cook firmly believes in the transformative power of education to elevate communities, a mission exemplified by LBWCC’s daily efforts.

“LBW distinguishes itself from other community colleges through its unwavering commitment to student success, emphasizing that LBW provides comprehensive programs and opportunities to enhance the lives of all students within its service areas,” Cook said.

Mary Cross is a veteran math instructor totaling 30 years in the Alabama Community College System.

“I have always considered myself very fortunate to work for the College as we provide many valuable options locally that enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives here. I believe that the core strength of LBWCC lies in the commitment of its employees to the communities it serves and the community’s commitment to the successes of LBWCC,” Cross said.

Chrissie Duffy has held the position of Director of Institutional Advancement and LBWCC Foundation Liaison at LBW Community College for the past three years.

Duffy finds her role rewarding as it allows her to assess the needs of the College, community, and students, and then connect them with individuals, corporations, and foundations who share their goals.

“LBW Community College has an exceptional ‘Saints Family’ culture where faculty, staff, and community members work together to provide personalized education and resources to meet the specific needs of each student and department,” Duffy said.

Kate Dust, Director of LBW Adult Education, has been part of the College for two years.

She takes pride in helping students achieve their aspirations, particularly when they lack confidence in their abilities. Dust also finds joy in equipping both college students and members of the community with the skills they need to succeed.

“LBW’s unique atmosphere is characterized by a close-knit family bond among faculty, staff, and students, making it a truly exceptional place to work,” Dust said.

Cindy Green has been employed with LBW for 23 years and currently serves as the Administrative Assistant to the President.

Green finds joy in working behind the scenes to ensure the President’s Office runs smoothly so that the College meets the needs of our students, employees, and the community LBW serves.

“The future is bright for LBW, and I am blessed to be a part of a team that works each day to make a difference in the lives of others,” Green said.

Latrece Hall, who serves as a student counselor at the Andalusia campus, has dedicated 12 years to LBW Community College.

She finds immense fulfillment in witnessing the transformation of students from their first day on campus to the day of their graduation, describing it as a beautiful experience.

“LBW distinguishes itself from other institutions by its genuine concern for student advancement. The faculty and staff are committed to ensuring student progression and success. They actively support and assist students in their journey toward achieving their goals,” Hall said.

Nicole Jackson has been employed at LBW for two years and serves as a math instructor on the Andalusia campus.

She is the advisor for the Mu Alpha Theta mathematics honor society. Jackson believes the most rewarding part of her job is witnessing students create their paths, helping them learn, and grow as they navigate life.

“LBW is the best community college because of the collaboration between the college and the community,” Jackson said.

Katie King, who serves as LBW’s Director of Student Activities and Community Engagement, thrives on the vibrant energy of interacting with college students. She finds joy in contributing to students’ educational journey.

“LBW is distinctive from other institutions because of its shared commitment to cultivating a sense of ‘home’ for students,” King said.

Heather Owen, with 18 years of experience as LBW’s Director of Student Recruitment, finds immense fulfillment in guiding prospective students and their families through the college admission and scholarship procedures.

She also cherishes her involvement in community initiatives, aiming to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

“LBW is distinguished from other community colleges by highlighting the genuine care and dedication demonstrated by its faculty, staff, and administration towards the students,” Owen said.

Amy Rogers, the esteemed instructor for the Medical Office Administration program, has made significant contributions to the LBW community in her seven years of service to the College.

She emphasizes that her passion in this role stems from the deep satisfaction of aiding students on their path to achieving their aspirations. Rogers highlights LBW’s distinctive qualities compared to other community colleges, particularly noting the unwavering dedication of each staff member to ensure the success of every student.

“The culture of genuine care and support sets LBW apart, creating an environment where every individual is empowered to flourish and succeed,” Rogers said.

Dr. Jean Thompson is a retired LBW English American literature instructor who remains active in the Greenville community, serving on various boards including LV Stabler Hospital and the Butler County Historical Society.

She has also served on the Greenville City Council for eight years. Additionally, she has been involved with the Sasanqua Camellia Society for 23 years and the LBWCC Foundation Board for seven years. Nationally, she has held leadership positions in education associations, reflecting her commitment to her career and personal growth.

“LBW is a staple in the community because of the dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators who are steadfast in helping students reach their goals and achieve success,” Thompson said.

Mollie Waters has been an instructor of English, literature, speech, theatre, and humanities at LBW Community College for 19 years.

According to Waters, the most fulfilling aspect of her work at LBW is the opportunity to assist students. She describes the students at the College as exceptional and a pleasure to teach.

“LBW sets itself apart from other colleges due to the active involvement of its faculty, staff, and administration in the surrounding communities,” Waters said.

Kristy White has taught English and speech at LBW Community College for over two decades.

She serves as the division chair for Language, Humanities, and Fine Arts.

“It is a privilege to be immersed in the vibrant LBW community, where artists, musicians, dancers, actors, writers, thinkers, and proactive leaders collaborate tirelessly to inspire boundless possibilities for our students and community every day,” White said.