Horry teams up with SureCo to take on health insurance

Published 9:15 am Sunday, March 31, 2024

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Robert Horry is best known for his clutch performances during his seven NBA title runs which earned him the moniker “Big Shot Bob.” What many do not know about Horry is his decades-long battle with navigating healthcare in America. That’s why today Horry has signed on as Chief Impact Officer with health insurance platform SureCo to urge Americans to demand more of their healthcare dollars.

Robert Horry is a 1988 graduate of Andalusia High School and seven-time NBA champion. (SUBMITTED PHOTO)

Horry’s history with the American healthcare system began when his oldest child Ashlyn was born with a rare genetic disorder called 1p36 deletion syndrome. After spending years in and out of hospitals, Ashlyn passed away in 2011 at the age of 17. What Horry learned about health insurance through his daughter’s struggles is something he carries with him to this day.

“We were very fortunate to have access to the care we needed back then thanks to my career in the NBA,” said Horry. “What was eye-opening was witnessing parents of other children have to sacrifice so much to receive the same care we did because of their insurance plan. This is a cause that’s near and dear to me, and I’m glad I can honor Ashlyn’s memory by helping other families unlock the quality of care they deserve.”

When his playing career came to an end after 16 years of the NBA taking a vested interest in the well-being of him and his family, Horry had to contend with the healthcare system on his own for the first time. It’s often a challenging transition for former professional athletes, and many find themselves struggling with lingering health issues and little if any support. Seeing this happen firsthand, Horry learned everything he could to make sure he was making the best healthcare choices for his family.

“I’m not an insurance expert, but I know when a plan is not a right fit for me or my family,” added Horry. “SureCo is all working with employers to give Americans the freedom to choose the health insurance that’s right for them – putting employees in the driver’s seat of their healthcare. I’m honored to be joining the SureCo team and this mission.”

SureCo is a health insurance platform that serves the majority of Americans who receive insurance through their employers by leveraging Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRAs) established by the Affordable Care Act. This allows employers to empower their employees to choose from health plans from a wider range of insurance companies instead of being limited to a handful of company-selected options.

“We are beyond grateful to bring Robert aboard to support SureCo’s mission to make health insurance more effective for employers and their workers,” said Matthew Kim, CEO of SureCo. “The businesses and employers we serve are only part of the insurance equation. Robert will rally working Americans to join the conversation and advocate for the health of themselves and their families.”

Horry knows firsthand that top-performing teams are cared for from the starting five to every individual bench player. As Chief Impact Officer at SureCo, Horry will be speaking with everyone from NBA vets to everyday Americans to let them know that it’s okay to demand more from their health insurance and that the shortcomings they may have faced are avoidable with the right strategy.

About SureCo
SureCo, its subsidiaries, and its partners are at the forefront of healthcare change in the U.S., serving businesses, benefits consultants, and consumers. Established in 2015, the company develops pioneering programs and solutions that promote improved health while lowering healthcare costs and improving the quality of care. SureCo leads the industry in new care options, technology, and administration opportunities. Its mission is to create a better healthcare system for all working Americans. For more information, visit www.sureco.com.

About Robert Horry
Robert Horry is a seven-time NBA champion who played for the Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, and San Antonio Spurs. Today, he is a sports commentator for the Los Angeles Lakers, and now the Chief Impact Officer for health insurance platform SureCo. Known for being reliable while under pressure, Horry earned the nickname “Big Shot Bob,” and at one time held the record for most 3-pointers ever during the NBA Finals. Driven to address a broken healthcare system after seeing the pitfalls of the insurance industry while dealing with health issues among family, friends, and colleagues, Horry works to help Americans find health insurance that they can rely on through SureCo.