Seniors return to Andalusia Head Start to inspire next generation of students

Published 1:00 pm Friday, April 12, 2024

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A total of 11 high school seniors who attended Andalusia Head Start at a young age returned to their childhood roots and spoke with current students on Tuesday, April 9.

The Andalusia Head Start staff has always strived to influence the lives of the children at an early age that creates positive and favorable outcomes for them in the future.

“We take pride in teaching and preparing our students for achieving developmental milestones and furthering their education to the next level. We will always love and care for the students and families we have served in the past and still serve today. We wish this class of seniors the absolute best in all their future endeavors,” Andalusia Head Start Family Service Specialist Kimanisha Trawick said.

Red Level School’s Jamari Brown said Andalusia Head Start taught him manners.

“It is a good place to send your kids. Being at Head Start guided me in the right direction. I would recommend you send your child to Head Start because your kids can learn and have fun. I always remember it was a good place to come to every day,” Brown said.

Andalusia High School’s J’Marion Burnette said Andalusia Head Start has helped him become a young man.

“It is great for kids and helps in preparing you for the afterlife. My teachers influenced me with a great learning environment and played a significant role in my teaching skills. I think Andalusia Head Start is a perfect place where you can go and meet new friends and make bonds that will last a lifetime. Not only did I go there, but my brother is currently enrolled there. I remember the train on the playground the most and made lots of memories there,” Burnette said.

Red Level School’s Ke’Mariah Crittenden said Andalusia Head Start has helped her grow into the young woman she is today.

“My teachers helped me with early learning, school readiness, and the decision to pursue my dreams of becoming a teacher, which I will start in August. I would highly recommend Head Start because it is one big happy family. Once you are a part of them, then it is forever. I remember playing with my friends who are graduating together this year and going to sleep at naptime. Thank you, Head Start, for the early learning years and not forgetting about your past students,” Crittenden said.

Andalusia High School’s Kamari Gay said Andalusia Head Start helped her make friends she still spends time with today.

“This has allowed me to become a more outspoken person. Head Start is a wonderful place for students to become more social. My teachers were influenced by sending work home to get us ready for higher education, and I want to thank them so much for that. I recommend Head Start because it is a great place for infants, toddlers, and young children. I often remember my teacher Mrs. Tina Stewart who was so nice and how we used to play outside every day,” Gay said.

Andalusia High School’s Landen Marshall said Andalusia Head Start taught him everything he needed to learn as he went through school.

“The teachers there started me at an early age. My teacher influenced me by teaching me the numbers and letters in English and Spanish. Let us not forget the cha-cha slide we all learned every day. I think Head Start is a good learning program for children and a highly active program because it goes all out for students. I remember the day it snowed, and Chandler Stoudemire put a snowball in his locker,” Marshall said.

Andalusia High School’s Alicia McClain said Andalusia Head Start helped her become the person she is today and helped her meet all the long-term friends she has.

“Head Start is a great place with great and amazing workers that love all the children. My teachers here have helped me learn new things and expanded my learning experience. I would recommend Head Start because it is a wonderful place for your kids to grow up and learn new things to their best ability. I remember when we did the cha-cha slide every morning to start our day, and my favorite teacher was Mrs. Jessica,” McClain said.

Red Level School’s Javen Poindexter said Andalusia Head Start helped him learn manners at an early age.

“Head Start helped me learn early manners around other children and taught me how to share and improve my social and learning skills early. I think the highest of Head Start and really recommend it to other students in the Covington County area. It creates bonds with students in this area. My teacher influenced my education early with school readiness and gave me a jump on all my easy things such as sharing, colors, shapes, number, learning English and Spanish, and more. I remember going to the playground all the time, the lunches, and doing the cha-cha slide all the time. This program has given me the greatest head start on my education and helped me to get where I am today,” Poindexter said.

Red Level School’s Nathan Rooker said Andalusia Head Start helped him learn how to act when he began elementary school.

“I really enjoyed Andalusia Head Start. My teacher’s help during my early learning gave me a quicker start on education. I highly recommend you send your child to Head Start to start early learning. I always remembered Fire Safety Month when the firefighters came to see us,” Rooker said.

Andalusia High School’s Jordan Stallworth said Andalusia Head Start helped him build long-term relationships with his current friends.

“It is a wonderful experience for young kids in general. My teachers helped me learn the necessities I needed in my young life. I would highly recommend Head Start to any family. I remember how Head Start was a loving place for all families,” Stallworth said.

Andalusia High School’s Chandler Stoudemire said Andalusia Head Start helped him grow and learn.

“Head Start gave me a long-term friendship that I have today. Head Start is a wonderful place for kids to get a head start on learning. My teachers taught me how to grow my vocabulary and be a great student. I would give Andalusia Head Start a ten out of ten because they teach, care for, and love the children who attend. I remember having fun and learning the days of the week while singing along with the music,” C. Stoudemire said.

Andalusia High School’s Kaleb Stoudemire said Andalusia Head Start helped his social life at an early age.

“Everyone should go to learn and have fun with the memories they will make because it is a wonderful experience. My teachers influenced me by pre-teaching us things we needed to learn not only in class but in life also. I would highly recommend Head Start to families and just people in general with young children. I will always remember how we were able to socialize freely,” K. Stoudemire said.

Andalusia Head Start is located at 602 Seegers Street and is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information call 334-881-0181.

“In closing, we wish the Class of 2024 nothing but success in the years to come. The Head Staff is thankful for being able to help with school readiness into your education,” Trawick said.