COLUMN: Everyone has a special purpose

Published 7:30 am Saturday, June 1, 2024

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Even the most remarkable and talented individuals are not immune to life’s hardships-pain, illness, heartbreak, sorrow, and distress. Yet, I firmly believe that each of us has a unique purpose on this earth. At times, we may be celebrating triumphs from the mountaintop, while at other times, we find ourselves in the depths of despair. However, no matter the hardship, illness, or disease, our worth remains unchanged, and our purpose remains steadfast.

Vickie Wacaster, Patient and Hospice Advocate with Aveanna Hospice (formerly Comfort Care Hospice)

When I reflect on life’s trials, I’m reminded of the analogy of coal transforming into a diamond. The way coal responds to pressure determines the brilliance of the resulting diamond. Similarly, when we confront life’s challenges, we have the potential to emerge as diamonds. 

In hospice, we do not meet people when they are having the best days of their lives. We meet them when they are in the valley, walking through the storm, wandering in the desert of life. Most often, they are exhausted from climbing the mountain, worn and weary from trying to reach the top where they had hoped their victory would be. Hospice comes into our patient’s homes to help provide care with kindness and love. Hospice wants patients and families to find hope in their tomorrows. Hope means finding meaning in life, whether that life lasts six more days, six more months, or six more years. 

Consequently, when speaking of hope and diamonds, I find it very interesting that “The Hope Diamond” is described as the “most famous and expensive diamond in the world,” and it is also known as Le Bijou du Roi—“the King’s Jewel.”

If you or your loved one have questions about hospice, please reach out to me or the hospice of your choice.

“The diamond has always been esteemed the rarest stone, and the most precious of all: among the ancients, it was called the stone of reconciliation.” Lewis Vertoman

— Vickie C. Wacaster is a Patient and Hospice Advocate for Aveanna Hospice.