Sheriff presents awards to deputies at commission meeting

Published 11:00 am Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Covington County Sheriff Blake Turman recognized two deputies with award presentations made during a regularly scheduled commission meeting on Tuesday.

Deputy Phillip Barrette was presented with the Covington County Sheriff’s Medal for his role at the scene of a murder-suicide on Stillman Road in Gantt.

“It is an honor to be able to recognize some of my officers for a job well done. The actions Officer Barrette and Andalusia Police Department officers Thomas Abate and Austin Potter took were outstanding and showed a high level of safety and concern. They responded to a high-stress call from a woman in distress that concluded with a hang-up and secured a horrific scene,” Turman said.

According to Turman, the officers approached the residence and used training and tactical awareness skills to assess the possible murder situation.

“These officers had the ability to secure the situation and did so tactfully and safely. The call resulted in a murder-suicide. These men shall be recognized for a job well done with the consideration to the safety of themselves and other officers. These officers have earned the Covington County Sheriff’s Medal,” he said.

Barrette and Deputy Eric Bradley were presented with the Covington County Sheriff’s Life-Saving Award for responding to an overdose situation on Antioch Road in May. Turman said it was the second life-saving award for Barrette.

“Deputies Phillip Barrette and Eric Bradley saved the life of Nathan Bryant Odom. Upon approach, these officers quickly assessed the situation with their quick thinking and training and took the necessary steps to save this citizen’s life. NARCAN, an overdose treatment drug, was administered. Soon, the citizen started breathing and Mr. Odom was transported to the hospital, where he received medical treatment. If it had not been for these officers’ quick thinking and training, Odom would have surely died. Deputies Barrette and Bradley’s actions have earned them the honor of the Covington County Sheriff’s Life-Saving Award,” Turman said.

Turman referred to the Life-Saving Award as “something very special.”

“All of our officers are trained and willing to make these decisions to save somebody’s life. It’s very rare we get to do it and be recognized, so I commend these officers who are young but capable. I see them having a long, successful career in law enforcement,” he said.

Chairman Greg White also recognized the two deputies for their efforts.

“It’s significant to note the scenes they are going to and how traumatic and emotional those can be. We appreciate what you do and pray for strength as you move forward,” White said.