6 names added to Republican ticket

Published 12:00am Thursday, January 16, 2014

As of Wednesday, six candidates have qualified on the Republican ticket for local offices this year, including:

• for sheriff: Dennis Meeks (I) and Chris Byrd;

• for revenue commissioner: Cindy Cook;

• for county school board, seat No. 5: James “Jimmy” Prestwood (I) and Terry Holley;

• for coroner: Eddie Rowell.

County Democratic Party Chairman Billy Hughes said that no one has qualified on the party’s ticket, as of yet.

  • impernail

    Apparently, there is no Democratic Party in Covington County or in Alabama. This means very meager consideration is given to us for anything by either Party. The Republicans can certainly take us for granted, and the Dems certainly will not consider us at all! Over the past 40 years, I have run for state and county offices in our state and county as an Independent (1976), as a Republican (1978), and as a Democrat. In 1978, I was the only Republican candidate running on the Covington County ballot, The only race I won was for county school board, and that as a Democrat—and was enjoined by the local court from serving my elected term.
    I would love to see and would support a group of people in our county who are as sick of Tea Party deadlock as I am—non-dogmatic and reasonable, who are willing to organize our county’s Democratic Party for no other reason than to establish a 2-party county so that neither Dems nor Repubs can ignore our county.

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