Nancy Blackmon

Happily ever after looked good on her

When I hear the name Doris Day, it stirs up memories of innocence and romance. Yesterday, I read this actress is 91-years-old (or 93 depending ... Read more

For writer, Easter represents gift of grace

Ah, Easter, — chocolate bunnies, a basket of colored eggs and a new Sunday outfit. That is what the holiday was about when I was ... Read more

Can you smell dirt at the end of the day?

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” I say amen to that quote from Margaret Atwood, and I ... Read more

It takes dedication to master piano keys

My piano teacher friend, Michelle, posted pictures of her students the other day. Apparently, they participated in some type of competition/recital, and with pride their ... Read more

How many before you’re a crazy cat lady?

What is the number that turns you from cat owner to crazy cat lady? I wondered that today when I walked to my glass door ... Read more