Nancy Blackmon

Reliving music of 60s, daily

My youngest daughter has taken a liking to 1960s music. That means every day I hear several hours of hits from the days of my ... Read more

What’s in corner of your closet?

There is something both scary and exciting about venturing into the belly of closets where no human has been in years. Well technically a human ... Read more

To drink or not? Coffee is the question

Well folks we‘ve got ourselves a new medical disorder, and I‘m wondering if I‘ve got it. The other night I saw a report about CUD, ... Read more

Cure intolerance, not autism

Awareness and cure are words I hear every April when National Autism Awareness Month rolls around. The Autism Society’s website describes the purpose of the ... Read more

Henderson bluegrass, magic fade away

It was a beautiful spring afternoon with warm sunshine and a clear blue sky. Driving the back roads from Opp to Henderson, I noticed the ... Read more