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Lions Club appreciates help

On Sep.28, 2014, the Andalusia Lions Club held it’s inaugural Beepball Game [softball for the visually impaired] for the Extreme Campers at Blue Lake Methodist ... Read more

Ordinances didn’t help us

When Mark Anderson and Bruce Maddox were chief and captain of the Florala Police Department and Grady Hobbs was on the council, I thought things ... Read more

Writers met Samaritans in Andalusia

Last Wednesday morning, my wife and I were driving toward Andalusia on the way to a family funeral in Selma. As we approached the edge ... Read more

Thanks for support of Rice and Beans

On Sept. 15, 2012, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church began its Rice and Beans Ministry. On the third Saturday of each month since then, three pounds ... Read more

Writer: On this day, I understood Mama’s words

Today has been a good day. For the first time in several months, I have been “allowed” to mow the yard (FYI menfolk, I KNEW ... Read more