Letters to the Editor

Trustee opposes Amendment No. 2

Alabama’s only savings account, better known as the Alabama Trust Fund, is in danger of being raided. The monies in the Trust Fund are derived ... Read more

Government shouldn’t promote religion

On October 8th the Covington County Commission voted to grant a local Baptist men’s group $3,000.00 to “get men to go to church”. I do ... Read more

A cautionary tale: Fires dangerous

To the editor: I saw something on the news the other morning from Dothan about a 4-year-old boy getting burned. His mother and father didn’t ... Read more

Distracted driving almost killed Mom

Recently, my mother suffered traumatic leg and hip injuries while walking her dog. Luckily, a neighbor happened by before 7 a.m. and found her lying ... Read more

Lions Club appreciates help

On Sep.28, 2014, the Andalusia Lions Club held it’s inaugural Beepball Game [softball for the visually impaired] for the Extreme Campers at Blue Lake Methodist ... Read more