Opp Bobcats win in overtime at Holtville 24-21

Published 10:57 pm Monday, September 8, 2008

The Opp Bobcats (1-1) prevailed over Holtville last Friday night, winning in overtime 24-21.

The Bobcats were down 21-7 in the third quarter and came back to tie the game to send it into overtime.

Despite the win, head coach Jack Whigham said he thought there is still room for improvement.

“I thought we didn’t play real well at times,” Whigham said. “We played hard and did a much better job in the second half controlling their running game.”

Whigham added that both the defense and offense did a good job in helping out with the win.

“The defense did a lot to help us win the game,” he said. “We did a good job defensively and offensively.

Hunter Jones kicked the game-winning field goal.

The Bobcats had 171 rushing yards with 48 carries, 8-of-13 in passing for 125 yards and one interception, and had 18 first downs for a total of 296 yards.

Leading rushers were Richard Davis with 16 carries for 87 yards and two touchdowns and Josh Scarborough with 15 carries for 68 yards.

This week in practice, Whigham said the team would be focusing on their kicking game.

“We’ve just got to continue to try and work on our kicking game,” he said. “Because we’re still not as good I want them to be. We are going to continue to work on fundamentals and if we keep doing those things, we’ll continue to improve.”

Opp will play Alabama Christian at home this week.