Bulldogs drop game at Jackson, 53-20

Published 1:43 am Saturday, September 20, 2008

JACKSON — The Andalusia Bulldogs (1-3, 1-2 in Class 4A, Region 1) suffered a 53-20 loss against the Jackson Aggies Friday night.

The Aggies got on board on their first possession when quarterback Corey Besteda ran the ball in for a 51-yard touchdown with 11:23 on the play clock to make it 7-0.

Then with 2:32 left in the first quarter, the Bulldogs tied the game up when quarterback Brent Shiver threw a 24-yard touchdown pass to Leslie James.

The Aggies scored again early in the second quarter to take the lead. Besteda passed to Chad Dickinson for a 20-yard touchdown to make it 14-7.

With the Bulldogs in possession, a hook and ladder play earned the team 40 yards down the field.

In the same possession, the Bulldogs’ T.K. Bullard carried the ball in 1 yard for a touchdown with 9:14 left in the half to tie the game up by 14 points.

With 6:01 left in the half, the Aggies tried for a field goal, but missed.

Before the third quarter was up, the Aggies scored another touchdown when Besteda carried the ball into the end zone.

Head coach Brian Seymore said his team has a lot of work to do to take advantage of opportunities.

“Obviously, we’ve got to go to work,” Seymore said. “We can’t quit. I just did not see us as good as the first time we played. We were right there with them and had some opportunities. We had an opportunity on the blocked punt there, but we roughed the kicker right there with a personal foul. I won’t take that back, I thought that was the correct call.”

During the second quarter, Shiver was injured and did not return for the second half.

At the start of the third quarter, the Bulldogs fumbled the ball, which gave the Aggies another touchdown and the momentum they needed to pull out the win. The score at that point was 27-14.

“We drove down the field and had a chance to take the lead and turned the ball over,” Seymore said. “That’s been our problem, but I’m not seeing a total team commitment. I’m not seeing it from our seniors, but some of our seniors are playing outstanding. Some of the younger guys are not playing up to the level I’m expecting them to play at. It’s not acceptable.

“It hurt that Brent was out,” he added. “I thought Ken (Chambers) did a good job, but you know he made mistakes, but he stepped in there and gave a valiant effort. I don’t have a problem with putting Ken in there because he’s probably the quarterback of the future. We are lacking something right now and I don’t see a team concept. That’s on me as a coach and I have got to start pushing the right buttons to get these guys playing at a higher level.”

Again on the Aggies’ next possession, Besteda carried the ball for a 2-yard touchdown run with 7:52 left in the third to put the Aggies’ lead at 33-14.

With 2:47 left in the third quarter, Besteda found Wesley Harris for a 60-yard touchdown pass to make it 40-14.

On the Bulldogs’ next possession, substitute quarterback Ken Chambers threw an interception to the open arms of Aggies’ Laprintess Morris.

The Aggies took advantage of the turnover and scored a touchdown on a fourth-and-10 play.

Besteda found Harris again for a 40-yard touchdown pass to put the score at 46-14.

The Bulldogs’ last touchdown came in the fourth with 8:04 left on the play clock. Chambers found James open for a 15-yard completion to make it 46-20.

On the Aggies’ next possession, the Bulldogs recovered a fumble, but did not take advantage of the possession.

With 1:52 left in the game, the Aggies scored their last touchdown as Jarmarkion Frowner carried the ball for 3 yards.

Seymore said that he would like the team to turn around and head forward in the right direction.

“It’s tough on the coaches and the players,” Seymore said. “I just want this to go back in the right direction. We’re just not accustomed to this and I don’t accept it. I’ll never accept. We got to get that team concept because we’re lacking it right now.”

In the first half, the Bulldogs were 12-of-17 and a touchdown, for a total of 153 yards. In rushing, they carried the ball 16 times for 118 yards.

In the second half, total passing was 3-of-9 for 37 yards and 20 rushes for 89 yards.