AHS hopes for better 2nd half

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The second half of the fall football season is upon the Andalusia Bulldogs and right now, the team is working to get ready physically and mentally.

The Bulldogs are 1-4 overall in the season after losses to Straughn, B.C. Rain, Jackson and Greenville. The lone win was against W.S. Neal.

Andalusia coach Brian Seymore said making sure the team is healthy is the top priority.

“We’ve got a lot of injury concerns,” Seymore said. “Especially at quarterback. Both Brent (Shiver) and Ken (Chambers) are still nursing shoulder injuries. They’re throwing the ball, so it’s kind of tough on them. I just hope it gets better by the end of the week.”

Seymore said he is working repetitions among those injured to see how well they are playing.

“We’ll rep both of them and hopefully Brent can come back and start on Friday,” he said. “I like the kids’ attitude and that they are still pressing forward and still putting a lot more emotions in practice. Thomasville has been, in the past couple of years, been a big game for Andalusia. Our kids take it as a rival game and we’re looking forward to it.

“We have another opportunity in front of us and hopefully right the ship a little bit and get going back in the right direction,” he said. “I feel like our team is going to try and forget about the past and get our best foot forward and get a quality performance on Friday.”

In addition to making sure the team is healthy, Seymore said he is thankful there are some home games in the second half of the season.

“I’m very happy to be back at home,” Seymore said. “The schedule was kind of tough early when we had our games on the road. The first four of five were on the road so it’s kind of tough. It’s good to be back in front of the home crowd and have that home field advantage. I just want to have a good turnout Friday and the community to come and support our kids and our program.”

Junior O’Brien Curry said to do well in the last part of the season the team has to work on their offense.

“We have to do well depending on the offense when we come out and play,” Curry said. “Everybody has a part to play on this team.”

On being back at home, Curry said, “it’s good to be back at home instead of traveling all the time. We ought to win at home now.”

Players on the team say that senior linebacker Nico Johnson and running back C.J. Richardson have been good at keeping the team’s morale up when times get rough.