Andalusia to face Hillcrest-Evergreen

Published 8:20 pm Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Andalusia Bulldogs (1-6, 1-4 in Class 4A, Region 1) are hoping to pull out a win tonight as they travel to face Hillcrest (2-5, 1-4) in Evergreen.

Andalusia coach Brian Seymore said the team had a good week at practice and there will be some younger players that will see some playing time this week.

“We’re going to play a lot of young kids this week,” Seymore said. “I think we’ll probably have four freshmen at the line on offense and three on defense at times. It’s due to putting some of these young kids in the game for experience in the future. We’ve liked what we’ve seen at practice and this year in the junior varsity season.”

Seymore said the team has simplified some things at practice in order to get younger players more involved.

“At practice, we’ve tried to get on some base fronts and let some of our younger kids get involved,” he said. “I think that’s the biggest opportunity to go out there and you’re not really looking at the next three games, but you’re seeing some future prospects you can hopefully get the program back to where it needs to be.

“I’ve been real pleased with our seniors,” he said. “They’ve kept a great attitude and a good mental devotion. They’re going to take these three games left and put their best foot forward. Our goal is to get a win.”

Seymore said the players are keeping up with their assignments, but execution is something that still needs work.

“Hillcrest has a lot of different movements on defense,” Seymore said. “We’ve got to recognize who your assignments are and making sure you’re blocking the man and finishing the play. That’s the main thing we’re looking at.”

On whether he thought Andalusia would be 1-6 overall in the season so far, Seymore said it never crossed his mind.

“You would never thought you’d be one-and-six,” he said. “I never thought of it as the head coach and I don’t think our staff or our players thought it. That’s the way the season fell so far and that’s adversity. I’ve been preaching to our kids that we’ve got to take this adversity because adversity brings out character and character brings about hope and that’s what we’re looking for.

“There is no quitting in these guys,” he said. “We got down several times against Clarke County last week and we bounced back and then they kept competing until the very end. I hate it for our kids because they deserve better. I just hope that this week that we go out on Friday and play a complete game and come out on top.”

Kickoff in Evergreen is at 7 p.m.