Seymore: Tired of same old mistakes

Published 2:01 am Saturday, October 18, 2008

EVERGREEN — Andalusia head coach Brian Seymore summed up the Bulldogs’ 47-24 loss to Hillcrest-Evergreen the best Friday night after the game.

“I’m getting tired of making the same old mistakes and having the same breakdowns on offense and the same breakdowns on defense,” Seymore said. “Offensively, we had breakdowns on procedure calls and the punt team. It’s hard to accept sometimes because we work hard at this stuff.

“Our kids really work hard at it and it’s discouraging and I just hope we can put it together one night,” he said.

The Bulldogs (1-7, 1-5 in Class 4A, Region 1) went down early in the first quarter as the Hillcrest-Evergreen Jaguars (3-5, 2-4) took advantage of a bad snap to force a safety.

On the Jaguars’ next possession, they scored on a 21-yard touchdown pass to bring the score to 8-0.

The Bulldogs couldn’t advance and chose to punt on a fourth-and-9 play.

Another bad snap by Andalusia turned into a positive as punter Leslie James passed to O’Brien Curry for a 12-yard run and the first down.

Ultimately at the end of the drive, Andalusia’s Gillis Jones kicked a 28-yard field goal to make it 8-3.

The Bulldogs tried for an onside kick, which resulted in Andalusia getting the ball back on the Jaguars’ 49-yard line.

Andalusia could not get back to a first down and another bad snap later, the Jags got the ball back on the Bulldogs’ 33-yard line.

Hillcrest took advantage and scored on a first down play with 3:38 left in the first half to bring the score to 15-3.

Things started to go Andalusia’s way after a fumble from running back C.J. Richardson landed in the Jaguars’ hands.

On a third down play at the Bulldogs’ 46-yard line, Hillcrest fumbled the ball right back to Andalusia.

Bulldogs’ quarterback Brent Shiver put the ball in the hands of C.J. Richardson for a 46-yard touchdown run to bring Andalusia back within five points.

On the Jaguars’ next possession, the Hillcrest quarterback snuck in the end zone for a 1-yard touchdown with 1:33 left in the half to bring the score to 22-10.

Andalusia was not done yet as a 28-yard pass to senior end Nico Johnson put the Bulldogs on the Jaguars’ 13-yard line.

Shiver passed to senior Corey Morris for the touchdown with 17.6 seconds left in the half.

In the third quarter, the Jaguars came out with a dominating presence, holding the Bulldogs on downs and scoring another touchdown to make it 28-17.

The Jaguars were not finished and took advantage of the Bulldogs’ dismay over the game with another touchdown with 11:51 left in the half.

Andalusia, however, rose above their dismay to score their last touchdown of the night on a 31-yard pass to Johnson.

The Jaguars scored their final two touchdowns on a 7-yard quarterback sneak and a 2-yard run.

Seymore said there were additional factors that led to the loss Friday night.

“I think the breakdown was in special teams as well,” Seymore said. “Tonight, with the wet ground, we had three bad snaps that cost us real serious field position. Our defense gave up big plays in the run.

“We just did a poor job tackling in the open space and then when we get everything hemmed up, they make a big play,” he said. “It’s the same way on offense. We execute and it looks great and at times and at other times it just looks like our protection breaks down and we give up a sack or a hold or an illegal procedure. It’s like a recurring thing. I hope we get out of this funk and we’ve got to continue to fight and get better.”

The Bulldogs were 7-of-27 in passing and carried the ball for a total of 169 yards.

Andalusia will play UMS-Wright next Friday night in Andalusia. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.