What will happen in 2009?

Published 11:59 pm Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It’s 2009 and with it comes another year for sports.

What does that mean necessarily?

Right now at the forefront of every high school and community college athlete’s mind is a single question — will this year be the year we make it all the way?

Currently, basketball season is under way and teams are vying for a top spot in their areas.

In other related sports news, No. 1 Florida and No. 2 Oklahoma will take the field tonight to decide the 2009 BCS National Championship.

Both teams have ample opportunity to win the game, but there will be one winner and one loser.

Both teams have a quarterback that has won the Heisman trophy, so who will win tonight?

Back to local sports.

Before we know it, the regional tournament will take place at Troy University for basketball and the state playoffs will commence at the end of February.

In 2008, Straughn made it to the finals at regional play and was shut out by then-Class 3A opponent, Clarke County.

Will there be any area teams to make it that far again this year?

As the end of basketball season closes, schools will transition into baseball and softball.

Two softball teams from our area, Straughn and Pleasant Home, made it to the state playoffs last year in Montgomery.

Will it be different for baseball this year and will there be more teams to make it to the state playoffs in softball?

After baseball and softball, summer recreational sports will commence in June and July and with it bring successes of their own.

Then, after the summer, football and volleyball will kick off another fall sports schedule.

Straughn and Opp both made it to the first round of the playoffs in football last year and the Andalusia, Straughn and Opp volleyball teams made it to the regional tournament in their respective regions.

Will it be another successful year for our local teams in football and volleyball this year?

Even though the year has already started, I am anxious to see what will be brought to the table in sports for Covington County.

The answers to the previous questions will be determined in the next 12 months. Hold on to your hats folks, for the year has begun and will bring new and exciting times for sports.

Who will succeed and who will fall?

I don’t know, but we’ll see.

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