Andalusia ready for Hillcrest

Published 11:59 pm Monday, January 19, 2009

The Andalusia Bulldogs spent most of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday morning getting ready for their fifth area game against Hillcrest-Evergreen tonight.

During practice, the Bulldogs worked on correcting mistakes that were made against Clarke County last Friday night, according to Andalusia coach Richard Robertson.

Andalusia won the game 58-48 to improve to 4-0 in Class 4A, Area 3 and improve to 16-2 on the season.

Robertson said continuing to be “dominant” in the area is key.

“All the games are important to us,” Robertson said. “We want to win them. The reason for that is because we’re going to go up and have a tournament with the same folks we’ve already played against. So, you want to be dominant when you meet them again because that’ll mean something to (our team).”

Robertson said he will formulate a plan for the game because Clarke County used a similar defense that Hillcrest will use.

“I’m going to formulate that when I get back and when I finish looking at the tape from the other night,” he said. “(Hillcrest) uses the same defense Clarke County uses and we went over that. Some of us got out of position against Clarke County and went to those places they shouldn’t have gone, and that helped Clarke County.”

Other than working on mistakes, Robertson said his team took time to focus on themselves.

”We were working on ourselves and you’ve got to know what you’re doing and know where you are supposed to go,” Robertson said. “I don’t expect them to know as much about it as I do. I just told them, you just do what you are supposed to do.”

Additionally, Robertson said his team needs to perform perfectly because it is crunch time in the season.

“We just need to play better than we have been playing because now we are down to the end of the season and pretty soon it’s going to become a one-game season,” he said. “Every basketball team in the state, except 12, is going to lose their last ball game of the season. The ones that are not going to lose their last ball game are the six champions, six for girls and six for boys.

“We’re working on our opponent, but the biggest thing right now is working on Andalusia first,” he said. “We’re trying to get rid of our mistakes and get a better understanding on what we’re trying to do and know our roles and capabilities.”

Tip off tonight in Andalusia is at 4:30 p.m. with the B-team.