SHS wins spring game

Published 11:59 pm Monday, March 2, 2009

Straughn’s football team finished up its spring training Friday night with a 13-0 win over Red Level at Straughn.

Every year, when spring training ends for the football team, the players get the chance to put on the pads six months before the next season kicks off.

Straughn’s Eric Samuel scored a touchdown in the second quarter to put the Tigers up 7-0 with the extra point.

In the third quarter, Straughn let the younger players get some playing time and Chase Short scored a touchdown for the win.

Straughn coach Trent Taylor said the game Friday was not a big surprise to the coaching staff.

“There wasn’t a lot of offense on either side of the ball,” Taylor said. “It was kind of a lot of what we expected. I thought we played pretty well defensively.”

Taylor added it was a good opportunity to see what the upcoming football team looked like at this stage.

“We got the chance to see a lot of guys in action,” he said. “Practice is one thing, but getting them in a game situation gives you a better chance to tell how they will react. It was a good spring.”