RLS Lady Tigers have strong team for ‘09

Published 11:59 pm Thursday, March 12, 2009

Becoming a more disciplined softball team is at the top of Red Level’s to-do list this season.

Already with the season well under way, Red Level coach Heather Walden said her team looks pretty “strong.”

“I think they’re doing well,” Walden said. “They’ve improved a lot since last year, of course. Then, I still think they can be better than they are right now and I think it’s going to come around.”

Walden added her team has greatly improved since last year.

“I’ve only got four seniors and my ninth and 10th graders are really stepping up and playing big roles while filling in for a couple of the varsity players that left last year,” she said. “They’re pretty solid on defense and have a good attitude. I coached several of them during volleyball, so I was kind of used to them, but a lot of them I am new to. A lot of them have adjusted well, but discipline is something I am working on.”

This is the first year for Walden to be the head coach of the varsity softball team.

She said one thing that she will change this year compared to last year is “discipline.”

“Discipline, discipline — that’s the biggest thing,” Walden said. “You know, these girls — some of them have the worst attitude you would ever thought of. The biggest thing I told them when I took the job was that I want them to like me and to be their friend, but I’m not out there to be their friend. They finally have come around to finding that out.”

Walden said her team would like to win the area championship and make it to the state tournament.

The Lady Tigers will be traveling to play Brantley today at 4 p.m.