Opp’s season over, Cats hoped for more wins

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Opp Bobcats did not end their season the way they wanted, only finishing 12-9 overall and 4-4 in area play.

“We’ve struggled to hit the ball in those key situations,” Opp coach Jack Whigham said. “Our pitching has been really good. Defensively, we’ll have one inning where we make two or three errors and that would not bid well for our team.”

Last Monday night, Brewbaker Tech put the Bobcats out of contention for the area title and last night, Opp finished its season with a doubleheader against Charles Henderson.

Whigham, now having finished his first year as head baseball coach, said he wishes he could have had a bigger role in “reaching” the players.

“I’m disappointed in the job that I’ve done,” he said. “I haven’t been able to reach the kids that I should have. I take the responsibility.”

Other than not being able to mold his players, he said the experience has been enjoyable.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the kids,” Whigham said. “I wish we could have won more games obviously. I even said before the year started that there was no guarantee that we were going to make the playoffs.

“We had three good teams in the area with St. James, Brewbaker Tech and Ashford,” he said. “It was going to take good ball playing to make the playoffs and we didn’t. Hopefully we’ll use it as a learning experience and take it into summer ball and next year’s season.”