Philllies, Giants tie; Rays win

Published 11:59 pm Friday, May 1, 2009

Phillies 18, Giants 18

The Phillies and Giants could not break their tie Thursday night, ending the game at 18 runs apiece.

The Phillies scored two runs in the first inning, two runs in the second and three in the third inning before the runs started coming in in the fifth.

For the Giants, their runs did not come until the fourth inning where five runs were added to their two runs that were scored in the second inning.

In the fifth inning, the Phillies and Giants both scored 11 runs apiece.

The Phillies’ Michael Brown, Garrett Nelson, B.J. Anderson, Daniel Shirey, Joshua Jones, Larry Strickland, Christopher Holley and Matthew Riedel scored for their team.

The Giants’ M. Kelley (2), C. Woodyard (2), W. Weaver, E. McCall, P. Lloyd, J. Hardy and J. Hartline all scored for their team in the last inning.

Red Sox 19, Cardinals 8

The Red Sox routed the Cardinals Thursday, 19-8.

Clayton Stephens scored in the first inning on a walk from Caleb Whitehurst.

Branston Wallace, Will Jones and Whitehurst all scored on passed balls to go up four runs for the Red Sox.

The Cardinals scored six runs in the first on a home run from Simeon Bowden, and triples from William Clark and William Adams.

Jachen Hartz and Bowden scored on the home run; Clark and Kyle Steward scored on the triple from Adams and then Adams scored on an error.

The Red Sox managed to gain the lead in the second inning, scoring five runs to increase their lead by three runs.

Stephens and Wallace scored on errors. Jones, Whitehurst and Black also scored on errors.

The Red Sox continued their scoring in the third, driving in 10 additional runs to win the game.

The Cardinals added an additional two runs in the fourth.

Devil Rays 16, Padres 5

In the first inning, The Devil Rays scored two runs compared to the Padres’ one.

Then in the second, the Devil Rays scored three additional runs to take a 5-1 lead going into the third inning.

In the third, the Padres added four more runs.

The Devil Rays put in four runs in the third and six runs in the fourth to win the game.