LeBron, best player in NBA right now

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There is one player I have to say gives me goosebumps every time I see a highlight about him.

I’ll give a clue on which it is.

He is the best basketball player hands down right now in the NBA.

I’m talking of course about high school sensation and recent Most Valuable Player, LeBron James.

Sitting in my childhood home watching ESPN’s SportsCenter on TV, I couldn’t help but notice a clip from a game where at the buzzer; James put up a shot and of course, made it.

The fact that he made the shot wasn’t what gave me the bumps.

It was the expression that he had on his face.

It was just another day in the office.

James is absolutely an amazing player to watch. He is averaging 32.9 points per game in the playoffs and has 9.8 rebounds per game.

As my brother says, “he has no fat on him, he’s all muscle.”

I’d hate to be in a collision course with him on the court, or maybe I just don’t want to imagine it.

He trumps any other player on the court when driving to the hole. He’s a machine, that’s the best I can describe him.

James is in a unique situation right now. Cleveland’s owners, I bet, are wondering how they can keep James on the team.

The only way I can see that is by raising his salary. That would be the wise move because he has revamped the Cavaliers basketball team to playoff prominence.

Last year, the Cavaliers made it to the Eastern Conference semifinals where they lost to the Boston Celtics in a 4-3 series.

This year, Cleveland will face Orlando starting tonight in what will be another awesome playoffs.

James, I believe, can lead his team to dominance in the playoffs.

Watch out Orlando center Dwight Howard, because the pain train is coming.