White Sox win 16-5, Braves defeat Jays

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The White Sox continued their recent run of wins, defeating the Red Sox Covington County Monday night in Babe Ruth action, 16-5, at Waltman Russo Field.

After the White Sox claimed another win, the Braves beat the Blue Jays, 13-2.

White Sox 16, Red Sox CC 5

The White Sox took a 10-0 lead going into the third inning, where the Red Sox CC managed to score four runs.

The White Sox added an additional three runs in the fourth compared to the Red Sox CC’s one.

In the sixth inning, the White Sox scored three runs to win the game out right.

Braves 13, Blue Jays 2

The Braves took a six-run lead at the end of five innings Monday night to claim an easy victory over the Blue Jays.

The Braves scored two runs in the third, one run in the fourth and four runs in the fifth.

The Blue Jays scored their first run in the fifth inning, followed by an additional run in the sixth.

In the sixth and seventh innings for the Braves, three runs apiece came across the plate.