Woods bound to win 2009 British Open at Turnberry

Published 11:59 pm Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The car ride to Kingussie, Scotland wasn’t a bad one four years ago.

In 2005, my family and I went on a two-week vacation in Europe, visiting places such as London, Barcelona, Rome and Switzerland.

Our final leg of the trip ended in Scotland right before the British Open Championship was to be played.

Well, what made the trip even more exciting for me was the fact that we managed to get tickets to the final round of the Open Championship.

Now, St. Andrew’s is called the “home of golf” and I believe it.

Fairways are undulating, sand traps are aggravating and the grass is unbearable. Many players have lost the championship when they hit into that stuff.

OK, we get to the tournament, and before during our stint in Switzerland, all of the family guessed who would win the Open.

Well, I made a daring guess saying it would be Fred Couples and my little brother said it would be Tiger Woods.

Stewart was right.

On that day I will never forget, my older brother Evan, Stewart and myself sat at the intersection of the 17th green and the 18th tee box.

It was an absolute thrill to watch each golfer make his way through the last hole of the championship.

Off in the distance, the scoreboard kept changing and at that time, Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie was making his presence known at the tournament. The crowds around us would erupt in cheers every time Montgomerie made a birdie.

So, Woods comes around the corner and tees off to end up winning the British Open in 2005.

The next year, he won it again.

Will this be the year once again for Tiger Woods?

I don’t know, but from what the news is saying about how he is preparing for the tournament — it seems to be in his grasp.

Links courses are suitable for Woods’ golf technique. He takes this course very seriously because this is the first time he has had the opportunity to play on it.

He arrived at Turnberry, Scotland, last Saturday and is in what many have said is the best golf shape of his career.

As it so happened four years ago in the stands at St. Andrew’s golf course, my brothers and myself got up to leave after Woods teed off on the 18th because we knew he was the winner already.

So, it wasn’t anything new to us.

Will this tournament end up with Woods holding the jug, again?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it did.