3 Florida girls document trip with cow visit

Published 11:59 pm Thursday, July 16, 2009

Driving through rural Alabama, one comes across many things — including pastures, farms and crops. For three Orlando, Fla. players competing in the Babe Ruth Southeast Regional tournament, the one thing they felt connected to were the cows.

Mary Ryan, Lauren Bahng and Michaela Baker, all 14 years old, have played softball together since they were in the 10-and-under league.

Like many girls their age, they started playing in the baseball league with the boys.

“It’s kind of funny because we’ve all been on the same team since we were like in the 10-and-under league,” Ryan said. “Basically, a long time.”

Ryan said the reason they stopped to look at the cows was because as they grew up playing softball, cows would graze nearby in a field next to the ball park.

“There is a field that we played at on Sundays that had cows,” she said. “But, there was something about Alabama and their cows.”

Ryan and Baker have visited Alabama before, but Bahng has not.

“It’s been a good visit so far,” Bahng said.

All three drove in with their team on Wednesday and will try to have a good run at the tournament.

“We’re expecting to do great things,” Ryan said.

Baker, Ryan and Bahng will be entering high school as freshmen and all will be going to different schools.

Baker is the daughter of Christine Baker, Ryan is the daughter of Dave Ryan and Bahng is the daughter of Barbara Bahng, all of Orlando.

Ryan said she hopes their team represents the state well at the tournament.

“We hope we represent Florida the right way at the tournament,” she said.