Opp Bobcats ‘bring the heat’ at practice sessions

Published 11:59 pm Friday, August 14, 2009

For the past two weeks, the Opp Bobcats have been “bringing the heat” at practice, developing on what the players have learned during the summer.

OHS coach Jack Whigham said Thursday was the best practice he has seen since Aug. 3.

He said it was a positive practice because most days the team has had to move inside due to rainy weather.

“We had just been inside for a couple of days because of lightning and so I think the kids enjoyed getting back outside a little bit,” Whigham said. “We were able to work on our passing game a little bit more and I thought we did a good job with it.”

Whigham said the players took advantage of the heat at practice this week.

“It was really hot and I think that did us some good to get out in the heat, conditioning wise,” he said. “I saw a little bit out of our younger kids for the first time. They acted like they were ready to get with it a little bit. They’re still not very good, but they showed a little bit more enthusiasm and a little bit more toughness. I was pleased with that.”

During the first week, the Bobcats mainly focused on what players can “step up” and play.

“The first week’s emphasis was maybe seeing if some of the guys who were backups in the past were ready to step up and become full-time players,” Whigham said. “Starting next week we’re going to start getting ready to put in our game plan for Elba and start a process of developing our depth chart as far as who is the starters and who are the backups and that nature.”

As far as what the team has done well at practice, Whigham said that both sides of the ball have done well, notably the running backs.

“We’re not tackling real well and that concerns me a little bit,” he said “Our running backs are running really well. We’re starting to throw and catch the ball a little better. “Again, I’m concerned because we’re not as physical as I’d like to be right now,” he said. “We’re not in game shape yet, but we still have two weeks and a day before that happens.”