The Jones brothers: 3-of-a-kind

Published 12:06 am Friday, November 6, 2009

Before each game this season, Andalusia’s Marcus Jones, Ethan Jones and Johnny Jones huddle for a prayer.

Marcus, Ethan and Johnny are all brothers and this is the first year that each has played on the same team.

Marcus originally grew up in Florida and played on the football team there before transferring to Andalusia.

All three say that the experience playing with each other has been “cool.”

“I think it’s such a cool experience for us,” Marcus Jones said. “I used to go to Baker High School and I used to play against (my brothers).”

Ethan Jones said it provides a good environment for them to strive to get better.

“It’s just good competition with each other,” he said.

As the middle brother, Johnny said by being successful on the field, the others will want to be successful as well.

“It’s a good experience because if you do good, then they’ll want to do good, too,” Johnny Jones said.

Each started to play football in the city league at 6 years old.

At running back Marcus Jones has rushed for approximately 700 yards this season, at linebacker Johnny Jones leads the team in tackles and Ethan Jones at linebacker earned a spot on the starting rotation at mid-season this year.

When it comes to why they play football, each say it’s in the family.

“It’s in our blood,” Johnny Jones said.

Marcus chimed in, saying that their father, Marcus Jones Sr., played for Opp.

“He’s from Opp and was a running back,” he said. “He was the team captain and the strongest on the team at fullback.”

On what is the most important aspect of the game they have learned while at Andalusia, the Jones brothers said that the value of teamwork is high up on the list.

“I learned that it’s better to do stuff as a team,” Ethan Jones said.

Marcus will be graduating this year and is thinking about attending Troy University.

Johnny is a junior and Ethan is a freshman.

Each say it’s been a great experience being coached by Brian Seymore.

“It’s been pretty good,” Johnny Jones said. “He’s a good coach. Unlike many coaches, he takes time to know the players. He knows what they do and don’t like. He just wants the best for us.”

Tonight, each will try and help their team defeat Opp in the first round of the Class 4A state playoffs.

They want a repeat of last week’s 24-12 win.

“I’m excited and I’m ready to show off my talent,” Marcus Jones said. “I finally got the position I wanted all year. I just want to go out there and represent the Jones family.”

Johnny Jones said he just wants to “hit” some Opp players.

“I’m just ready to go hit somebody,” he said. “We can’t make any mistakes because I’ve never liked Opp when it comes to football.”