Football season went by in rapid succession

Published 11:59 pm Thursday, November 26, 2009

Phew … these past 13 weeks of high school football in Covington County have sure gone by rapidly.

Coupled with volleyball, it’s been very busy around the newspaper office in my little corner.

I can remember prior to when the season started when I was bugging coaches for last-minute information for the football magazine, which I hope was a good guide throughout.

It seemed like that took place yesterday.

The magazine printed on a Thursday and was slipped within the Sat., Aug. 22, paper.

I took that to be the signal that my “preseason” was over and it was time to get busy.

A week later, each team started a new and fresh season, all with 0-0 records.

Through week No. 3, Andalusia already won its first three games, Straughn was 2-1, Opp, Florala, Pleasant Home and Red Level all had 1-2 records.

Now, which team was going to be in the playoffs?

By making it over the hump at week five, I had the inkling that Andalusia, Opp and Straughn would be back in the mix to make a run in the postseason.

And yes, they were.

Andalusia clinched a playoff berth when they defeated Hillcrest-Evergreen, Opp made it on a forfeit win over Holtville (a game they initially lost, 20-14, on Sept. 4), and Straughn defeated Central-Hayneville, Calhoun and nemesis T.R. Miller to make it past week 10.

Now, hopefully the way you’re reading this column gives a sense at how quick the season really went by.

Get the drift?

The Andalusia, Straughn and Opp communities were all abuzz with excitement about the prospect of having another chance at cheering and showing support for their players.

Actually, it was pretty exciting, too, because the high school football season was not about to end. Yeah, college football tided me over on Saturdays, but there has been nothing like reporting on Friday nights — the close games, the upsets and the rush.

So, when Andalusia and Opp got knocked out after the first and second rounds, Straughn was still in the mix.

On the Wednesday night before Straughn met Cordova last week, Straughn coach Trent Taylor said something that he told his players before the season had even begun that stuck with me.

He said, “I told our seniors before the season started that it would be the fastest 10 weeks of their life.”

Well, obviously I’m not a senior in high school, but it has been one of the fastest and most fun 13 weeks that I have had while the sports editor at The Andalusia Star-News.

There is one thing that is true with the start of basketball season; it will fly by quickly, too.