Paulk signs scholarship to Judson College

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On Monday, Red Level senior basketball player Lania Paulk signed a four-year scholarship to play at Judson College in Marion, Ala.

Since the seventh grade, Paulk has been playing basketball at Red Level. In the eighth grade, she climbed to the varsity level.

But before gracing the basketball court, Paulk played another sport that caters to males — football.

At that time, Paulk didn’t really like playing basketball, but that changed when she realized she could play.

“I just realized I’m big, and I can do something and can do this,” she said.

While at Red Level, Paulk averaged nine points, nine rebounds and two blocks per game. Her career highs were 23 points and 17 rebounds.

Paulk said she has enjoyed her time playing for the Lady Tigers basketball team.

“It’s home and I’ve loved it and when I went to Georgiana, it was nice, but I had to get back here because it’s just a good feeling here when you come here,” she said.

Paulk went to school at Georgiana High School for one semester. Due to transferring back to Red Level, Paulk couldn’t start her senior year until the Christmas tournament.

There, she said it was “good to come back.”

“I was happy and very anxious,” Paulk said. “It was a long time, and I was waiting for that opportunity.”

When asked why she chose to play at Judson, Paulk said the environment of the school was the main reason.

“When I first heard about it, I was kind of skeptical because it was all girls,” she said. “I went up there and it was nice, and I liked the way people acted around you — not stuck up and very helpful.

“It’s like a more loving atmosphere,” she said. “It’s very small, and it’s more one-on-one.”

In addition to basketball, Paulk plays first base on the Lady Tigers’ softball team.

And, her favorite part about playing basketball?

“I like right as soon as they pass you the ball the part where you think about your next move,” she said. “That’s my favorite part.”

Paulk is the daughter of Shan Paulk of Red Level.

Paulk added that she would like to thank those who helped her in her career leading up to playing for Judson College.

“I’d like to thank my coach and my dad for supporting me all these years,” she said.