Red Sox (City) beat Phillies

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Red Sox (City) defeated the Phillies 27-11 in 9-to-10-year-old Cal Ripken action Monday night at Johnson Park.

In addition, the Cubs (County) beat the Red Sox (County) 11-7; the Reds (County) beat the Cubs (City) 15-8; and the Pirates defeated the Padres (County) 16-6.

Red Sox (City) 27, Phillies 11

The Red Sox scored 12 runs in the first inning alone in their victory over the Phillies Monday night.

G. Davis, J.H. Dubose and Pooh Weaver scored two runs each; and B. Wallace, B. Strong, T. Barr, L. Prevett, R.J. Drish and K. Faulkner scored one run each in the first for the Red Sox.

The Phillies scored three runs in the first, two runs in the second, one run in the third and five runs in the fourth in the loss.

Cubs (County) 11, Red Sox (County) 7

Cubs’ J.P. Thompson, E. Wilson and A. Smith scored two runs each to help lead their team to the win over the Red Sox (County) Monday night.

In addition, G. Morgan scored his only run in the fourth inning when he hit a solo home run.

J. Odom, C. Morgan, K. Odom and J. Thompson all scored one run each in the Cubs’ win.

Reds (County) 15, Cubs (City) 8

C. Mitchell and A. George scored three runs each in the Reds (County) 15-8 win over the Cubs (City).

For the Cubs, Johnson, Black and Kyser scored one run each; Bullard scored two runs; and Hughes scored three runs.

Pirates 16, Padres (County) 6

For the Pirates, Thomas Phillips started and pitched three innings, allowing four runs.

Will Clark then pitched 1.2 innings, allowing two runs.

Joshua Jones was 3-for-3 with one single, one double, one triple and four RBIs;

Lonzell Parks and Will Clark teamed up to throw two runners out at home plate on passed balls and wild pitches.

Last Thursday night, the Pirates beat the Rays (County) 15-1.

Complete names of players were not available when the Star-News went to press Tuesday.