Red Sox (County), Pirates, Rays win

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Sox (County) player Connor Sowards slides into home plate Thursday night. | Andrew Garner - Star-News

The Red Sox (County) scored six runs in the second inning in their 11-8 defeat over the Phillies (City) Thursday night in 9-to-10-year-old Cal Ripken action at Johnson Park.

In other action, the Pirates (City) narrowly beat the Cubs (County) 7-6; and the Rays put up a 17-6 rout over the Cubs (City).

Red Sox (County) 11, Phillies (City) 8

The Red Sox’s six runs in the second inning came on four hits, one including a home run from T. Ward.

T. Reynolds, J. Peeples, P. Grooms, J. Ziglar and Z. Grooms also scored in the second inning for the Red Sox.

The Phillies scored one run in the first inning when Parker Miller made it in when he stole home.

The Phillies added two runs each in the second and third innings to cut their lead to four runs against the Red Sox.

In the third inning, the Red Sox added three runs on three hits and one walk.

The Red Sox added two insurance runs in the last two innings to take the win over the Phillies.

The Phillies scored three runs in the fourth inning.

Reynolds and Peeples scored two runs each; P. Grooms scored three runs; and Ward, D. Sasser, Ziglar and Z. Grooms scored one run each for the Red Sox.

Noah Kelly, Michael Brown, Conner Sowards and Coleman Thompson scored one run each; and Miller and Nathan Erwin scored two runs each for the Phillies.

Pirates (City) 7, Cubs (County) 6

Pirates pitcher B.J. Anderson allowed six runs and struck out 12 to help lead his team to the win over the Cubs (County) Thurday night.

The Pirates trailed 6-3 going into the sixth inning, where they scored four runs.

The Cubs forced a play at home plate, where Lonzell Parks made the tag to get the win.

For the Cubs, J.D. Odom had two RBIs, and K. Odom had one RBI.

Rays 17, Cubs (City) 6

Two Rays players scored three runs each Thursday night to help lead the team past the Cubs in the 11-run rout.

A. Taylor scored one run in the first, second and fourth innings; and Warthern scored one run in the first inning; and two runs in the fourth inning.

The Rays scored eight runs in the fourth inning to seal the win over the Cubs, who scored one run in the first inning, one run in the second inning and four runs in the third inning.

Johnson and Jones scored two runs each; Black and Holley scored one run each for the Cubs.

N. Greathouse scored two runs; E. Brady scored two runs; D. Reeves scored two runs; McCall scored one run; M. Kelley scored one run; C. Rogers scored one run; and Ruth scored one run for the Rays.

Editor’s note: Complete names of players were not available when the Star-News went to press Friday.