4 Cal Ripken teams win

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Phillies base runner Nathan Erwin slides safely into home plate in an earlier game this season. The Cubs (County) beat the Phillies 17-11 Monday night. | Andrew Garner - Star-News

In 9-to-10-year-old Cal Ripken action Monday night, two county and city teams earned wins at Johnson Park.

The Reds (County) beat the Red Sox (County) 10-9; the Cubs (County) beat the Phillies 17-11; the Red Sox (City) defeated the Rays 18-11; and the Pirates defeated the Cubs (City) 7-3.

Reds (County) 10, Red Sox (County) 9

The Reds took a 3-2 lead after the first inning when C. Mitchell, A. George and D. Courson scored on three hits.

The Red Sox scored their two runs in the first inning on one hit.

In the second inning, the Red Sox took their first lead scoring three runs on four hits.

The Reds tied the game up in the third inning when Courson and T. Barker scored for their team.

In the third, fourth and fifth innings, the Red Sox scored one run in each to take an 8-7 lead.

The Reds didn’t give up in the sixth, when Mitchell, George and H. Nichols scored on two hits.

Mitchell scored three runs; George scored three runs; Nichols scored one run; Courson scored two runs; and Barker scored one run for the Reds.

Cubs (County) 17, Phillies 11

The Cubs scored three in the first, seven in the second, five in the third and two in the fourth to get the six-run win.

The Phillies scored five runs in the first inning, one run in the third inning and five in the fourth in the loss.

Red Sox (City) 18, Rays 11

Trailing 10-5, the Red Sox scored six runs in the fourth inning to claim the win over the Rays Monday night.

In the fourth, Pooh Weaver, Branston Wallace, Brennan Strong, Lane Prevett, Kaleb Faulkner and R.J. Drish scored for the Red Sox.

The Rays took a 9-3 lead in the second inning scoring eight runs.

However, the Red Sox capped the win scoring seven runs in the fifth.

Garrett Davis scored two runs; John Harper Dubose scored two runs; Weaver scored two runs; Wallace scored two runs; Strong scored three runs; Prevett scored three runs; Faulkner scored two runs; Barr scored one run; and Drish scored two runs for the Red Sox.

Pirates 7, Cubs (City) 3

Pirates shortstop Joshua Jones and first baseman B.J. Anderson hit one home run each to help lead their team to victory over the Cubs Monday night.

Jones hit his three-run home run in the second inning, and Anderson hit his grand slam home run in the fourth inning.