CCS makes 10 personnel changes

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 25, 2010

The Covington County Board of Education finalized its system-wide teaching staff Thursday with 10 personnel changes.

The changes, which were made at the recommendation of Superintendent Terry Holley, affected Pleasant Home, Red Level, Straughn Middle, Straughn High and W.S. Harlan Elementary schools.

“These are the last of the changes right here at the end,” Holley said. “We still have two positions we are advertising for – an assistant principal at Pleasant Home and an alternative school teacher here at the Central Office. Once those are filled, we don’t anticipate having to make any emergency hires between now and the beginning of school.”

The following changes in personnel, which are effective Aug. 4 unless otherwise stated, were made:


• to employ Jessica Meadows as elementary teacher.

• to transfer Suzanne Phillips as elementary teacher to teacher at WSH.

• to accept the resignation of assistant principal James Reeves Jr. effective immediately.

• to accept the resignation of Stephanie Smith as lunchroom worker effective immediately.

• to employ Misty Poole as lunchroom worker.

At the central office:

• to accept the resignation of Kenneth Valrie Sr. as teacher effective immediately.


• to employ Heather Williams as math teacher.

• to employ Keron Kyzar as math teacher.


• to transfer Barry Wood as fulltime math teacher at SMS to two periods per day at SHS and the remaining periods at SMS.


• to accept the resignation of Sarah Anne Wilkes as elementary teacher effective immediately.