Most wanted fugitive caught

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thanks to vigilant Star-News readers at Andalusia’s City Drugs, one of Covington County’s most wanted fugitives is now behind bars.

Lonnie Eugene Bush, 41, of Andalusia, was apprehended Friday on charges of first-degree theft of property and the unauthorized cutting of timber. Bush was indicted by the grand jury in February 2010 and had been wanted ever since.

Each day, The Star-News, in conjunction with the Covington County Sheriff’s Office and district attorney, prints the name, photo and alleged crime of the county’s “Most Wanted” fugitives.

Friday, Bush – who was actually the featured “Most Wanted” in the Saturday edition – was identified by employees at the local drug store.

“I arrested Bush after receiving a phone call from City Drugs,” said Max Smith, DA investigator and “Most Wanted” coordinator. “They said they saw his picture in the paper and called to tell me he had just came into their store. Most Wanted works again.”

Bush was being held in the county jail under a $210,000 bond.