Foshee honored with dedication

Published 12:01 am Friday, November 5, 2010

The South Alabama Regional Airport in association with the Covington Historical Society will dedicate the airport fire station in honor of Red Level, Ala., native Ben Crum Foshee, Wingman, American Volunteer Group (“Flying Tigers”) on Fri., Nov. 12, at 10 a.m. at the airport.

Fo-shee was a member of the 3rd Pursuit Squad-ron (Hell’s Angels) and was killed in action while attempting to man his fighter plane during a surprise Japanese bombing raid over Paoshan, China on May 4, 1942.

The “Flying Tigers” have been described as “the most colorful group of warriors in modern times” and “the world’s most illustrious squadron” by the History Channel. National aviation museums feature displays on the FT’s and memorials are located in California, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. The AVG veterans were recognized in 1992 at the time of their 50th reunion for their stunning war record during the seven months the group was in combat against the Japanese.Tiger pilots were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and members of the ground crew were awarded the Bronze Star for dedication to duty, professionalism and extraordinary heroism. Foshee was a Red Level (1934) and Auburn University (1938) graduate (#1 in class majoring in aeronautical engineering). He earned his naval aviator wings at the USNAS in Pensacola in June 1940. The public is invited to this event to honor Foshee more than 65 years after his death.