County refuses to hear Sheriff Tuesday

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Covington County Commission on Tuesday refused to hear from Sheriff Dennis Meeks about purchasing another surplus vehicle for the department until he resubmits his proposal.

At last month’s meeting the commission approved purchases of two surplus vehicles for the sheriff’s department.

Meeks said the department needs one more surplus vehicle to take a vehicle off the road that has 270,000 miles on it.

“We need to get it off the road,” he said. “I needed two for investigation, and one for patrol.”

District 1 Commissioner David Ellis said he wanted to have the proposal in front of him before Meeks could formally address the commission.

District 4 Commissioner Carl Turman asked Meeks to resubmit his proposal before the next meeting.

Meeks said he would.

“I just need one more car,” he said. “We already purchased two at surplus.”