Yankees, Devil Rays advance in tourney

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Devil Rays coach Ben Bowden (right) encourages a player at bat Monday night. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

The Yankees and Devil Rays picked up wins in the semifinals of the 12-and-under Cal Ripken end-of-the-year tournament Monday night at the Andalusia Sports Complex.

The Yankees (County) beat the Pirates (City) 4-3, and the Devil Rays earned a 12-7 win over the Braves in the nightcap.

Yankees (County) 4, Pirates (City) 3

Trailing 1-0 in the fourth inning, the Yankees scored two runs to take the lead and battled late to hold out in the win.

After taking the 2-1 lead in the fourth, the county team added one run each in the fifth and sixth inning.

The Pirates plated one run each in the second, fifth and sixth innings.

In the fourth inning, the Yankees got on board when Hammett led with a double and Hudson followed with a walk.

Both later came in to score on a sac fly and a fielder’s choice.

In the fifth inning, Peeples scored on an RBI single by Hammett.

Dorman scored the winning run for the Yankees in the sixth on an RBI single by Matrillo.

Hammett and Matrillo were 2-for-4 each.

Hopkins scored on an RBI by Stephens in the second inning; Shivey scored in the fifth inning; and Hopkins scored his second run in the sixth on an RBI single by Clark.

Shivey was 2-for-3 for the Pirates.

Devil Rays 12, Braves 7

The Devil Rays scored five runs in the fourth inning on one hit and one error in the five-run win over the Braves.

Prior to the fourth inning, the Rays scored two runs in the first inning and three runs in the second inning.

Holley, Bowden, Ward, Robbins and Adams scored two runs each; and Earnest and Gibson scored one run each for the Devil Rays.

Robbins hit a two-run home run in the first inning, and the Devil Rays’ three runs in the second inning came on a triple by Bowden and a single by Holley.

Robbins was 2-for-4 for the Devil Rays.

The Braves scored one run in the first inning, three runs in the third inning, two runs in the fourth and one run in the fifth.

Hawkins was 3-for-4 for the Braves.

Editor’s note: Complete names of the players were not available when the Star-News went to press Tuesday.