Oviedo wins 12U World Series

Published 12:01 am Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oviedo, Fla. players celebrate upon winning the 2011 Babe Ruth 12U Softball World Series title in the wee hours of Wednesday morning at the Andalusia Sports Complex. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

Oviedo, Fla. coach Steve Miller didn’t have the words to describe how he felt when his team won the 2011 Babe Ruth 12U Softball World Series late in the night Tuesday.

“It’s been such a long journey,” Miller said. “We really gave our best shot last year, and we came up short.

“For all of those girls that came back and to just realize that this was the most gratifying experience I can ever imagine,” he said.

The team from Florida beat Lodi, Calif. 7-0 in a second championship game decider, coming back to win after falling 1-0 in the first game.

Miller said his team’s capability to come back, and win it all just showed their “character” on the field.

“We made some uncharacteristic mistakes in (the first) game,” he said. “We didn’t hit very well. Lodi’s pitching was great, and their defense was fantastic. We just came out with a different resolve in the second game.”

This was the first time Oviedo, as a softball program, won the World Series.

This was their fifth appearance.

All World Series Team: Hayden Willis, South Alabama; Danielle Walls, Fern, Creek, Ky.; Danielle Stallings, Lodi, Calif.; Taelor Ford, Lodi, Calif.; Jennifer Leonhardt, Fern Creek, Ky.; Gillian Faberlle, Oviedo, Fla.; Morgan Murphy, Oviedo, Fla.; Hannah Russell, Lodi, Calif.; Taryn Wheeler, Oviedo, Fla.; Cassie Peavler, Fern Creek, Ky.; and Sarah Sonnier, Franklin, La.

All Defensive Team: Katlynn Schively, South Alabama; Carley Morfey, Lodi, Calif.; Alex Southard, Oviedo, Fla.; Taryn Wheeler, Oviedo, Fla.; Hope Ladson, South Alabama; Taelor Ford, Lodi, Calif.; Brentley Armstrong, South Alabama; Janessa Cook, Lodi, Calif.; Morgan Murphy, Oviedo, Fla.; and Diamond Franco, Othello, Wash.

The American and National Division sportsmanship awards went to Hazlet, N.J.’s Michelle Nestor and South Alabama’s Hope Ladson, respectively.

The Batting Champion and Most Outstanding Player awards went to Oviedo’s Gillian Faberlle.