Numbers show possible shake up

Published 12:07 am Saturday, October 1, 2011

When the Alabama High School Athletic Association releases its new reclassification and realignments next month, Straughn, Opp and Red Level could be on the move.

The AHSAA reclassifies its member schools every two years based on enrollment numbers.

SHS, a current Class 4A school, has 296 students in grades 10-12 as of yesterday.

The Tigers could drop back down to a Class 3A school when the new reclassification is released.

Last season, Straughn held pretty strong in its first year in a new classification, finishing in the second round of the state playoffs in 4A.

Preliminary numbers show that OHS has had an average daily enrollment of 308.73 in grades 10-12.

Although these numbers are not official for this year, preliminary numbers put them in line to either be a small Class 4A school, or a large Class 3A school.

Opp is no stranger to 4A ball as it was there a mere two years ago. However, the Bobcats have found success this year in 3A.

The largest 3A schools are Rogers High School with 305 students, and Sipsey Valley and Loveless Academic Magnet Preparatory (L.A.M.P.) with 307 students each.

Unofficially, Red Level’s enrollment number is 140, nine students down from the largest Class 1A schools in the state, which are Appalachian and Holy Spirit Catholic High Schools.

RLS has 42 enrolled in 10th grade, 46 in 11th grade and 52 in 12th grade.

Andalusia should remain in Class 4A.

AHS has an enrollment of 339 students in 10th through 12th grades.

There are 144 students in 10th grade, 108 students in 11th grade and 87 students in 12th grade.

As of yesterday, Florala has 90 students enrolled in 10th through 12th grade.

“It dropped a little from last year, but I think the number will go up because the lower grades are higher (in number),” FHS principal Donnie Powell said. “I think that number will go up a little.”

Pleasant Home should also remain unaffected when the new reclassification comes out in November.

Preliminary numbers indicate that PHS has a total enrollment of 123 in 10th through 12th grade.

There are 36 students in 10th, 40 students in 11th and 47 in 12th grade.